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Does Macky Sall favor France for fear of death?

08 December 2020, Jolof
Does Macky Sall favor France for fear of death?

Unfortunately, in 2012, Senegal suffered bad luck. Macky Sall becomes President of the Republic of Senegal.

When President Abdoulaye Wade was elected, Senegal had started to really emerge from French neocolonialism and open up to the world as any independent country that can choose its own partners. African, Arab, Iranian, Turkish, Chinese, North Korean investments etc. arrived in Senegal afloat, allowing the creation of wealth and infrastructure. Moreover, as every Senegalese understands today, all of Senegal's major infrastructure comes from projects concocted by President Abdoulaye Wade. He had even succeeded in ending the French military occupation on Senegalese soil.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Senegal suffered bad luck. Macky Sall becomes President of the Republic of Senegal. It was the beginning of a new colonization of Senegal by France. Between 2012 and 2020, nothing is Senegalese in Senegal anymore. Everything has become French or European. From financial institutions to basic service companies, everything is under the control of France. Senegalese investors have even been sacrificed for the interests of French companies. Senegal had a unique opportunity to have its first telecom company owned by a Senegalese person, Kabirou Mbodj. The latter was sacrificed for the pleasure of France. In addition, the Senegalese are dying of hunger. The diploma is no longer valuable because it is no longer used to find a job, or even to start a business. Macky Sall and the neo-colonialist slave chief Alassane Ouattara sabotaged the single African currency project by betraying African colleagues in Nigeria and Ghana to preserve France’s interests. Macky even allows himself to create unnecessary or high-cost projects like the “Regional Express Train” (TER) to save a French company, although less expensive options were available.

The examples where Macky Sall sacrificed Senegal for the benefit of France do not end, and it still continues. The Senegalese are even wondering whether Senegal still belongs to them. Recently, the Senegalese fish has been sold to Europe. The Senegalese people have less and less access to their fish and their beaches. Because of the sale of Senegalese fishery resources, the ocean is now used to flee to Europe or to perish forever.

The question that every African patriot asks is why? Why does a Senegalese person, an African, sacrifices his people for the interests of foreigners? Is it just corruption or out of fear of being murdered? Yes, I said it correctly for fear of death.

Let's think together ...

What we all know is that in the history between Africa and Europe, particularly France, many African leaders have been assassinated for engaging in projects that can benefit their people. Here are a few examples:

Thomas Sankara was against colonialism and for a united Africa, which bothered France. Before, Burkina Faso was called “La Haute Volta” by France. Thomas Sankara changes the colonial name to Burkina Faso. He also aimed to unite Africa, to make Burkina Faso self-sufficient, to improve agriculture and ecology. Sankara was there for the Burkinabè and African people. For this, he was assassinated in 1987.

Sylvanus Olympio, a former president of Togo, was assassinated. Why? Because he saw that the CFA Franc was at a disadvantage in Togo and that Togo could never develop with a currency it did not control. Because indeed, Togo will not be able to control its economy if its currency is controlled by France. So he decided to find a solution for his people. In 1963, 3 days before launching a new Togolese currency, he was assassinated.

Modibo Keïta was a Pan-Africanist. First he participated in the creation of the Federation of Mali with Léopold Sédar Senghor. After his breakup, he moved away from Léopold Sédar Senghor and with Sékou Touré (President of Guinea) and Kwame Nkrumah (President of Ghana), he founded the Union of West African States. In 1963, he participated in the drafting of the charter of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), of which he was one of the main architects. Modibo Keïta, mysteriously died in detention at the Djikoroni Para parachute commando camp in Bamako on May 16, 1977.

These are three of tens of examples. According to the African Expotent website, "France has assassinated or has had nearly 22 African heads of state assassinated since 1963." All these heads of state had the sole objective of ensuring that the needs of their people were met and / or of uniting the African people. What they may not have known or knew but accepted the risk, is that France is still an imperialist country. That is to say, he is part of a gang of attackers and armed thieves who kill, manipulate and destabilize to steal the resources of the least armed countries. Here are some excerpts from the “Charter of Imperialism”:

“Section 1: The motto of imperialism is to rule the world and control the wealth of the planet; Our policy is to divide and rule, dominate, exploit and pillage to fill our banks and make them the most powerful in the world. "

“Section 25: Our duty is to keep Africa and other countries of the world in underdevelopment, misery, division, wars, chaos in order to dominate, exploit and pillage them through the Missions of United Nations. ”

"Section 26: Our golden rule is the physical liquidation of the nationalist leaders and leaders of the Third World."

Some may say that this charter is no longer valid. But in reality nowadays we still see the same imperialist practices around the world.

The most recent and currentexample is the occupation of Mali by France, not to “fight terrorism”, but rather to steal Mali's natural resources. The Malian people rose up to successfully demand the departure of French puppet Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. We finally said to ourselves that Mali was free. But unfortunately no, the Malian people demanded that France leave Mali, but the French army refused. Why? Because it relies on its weapons and like a fly, France does not want to leave and leave the “honey” (resources) behind.

Before Mali, in 2011, Gaddafi was assassinated, and a Libya that was strong and wealthy is becoming chaos for all of Africa. Why, because France and its Western accomplices deemed it necessary to liquidate the leader who wanted to unite Africa through a currency based on gold, but also to steal the oil available afloat in the soil of Libya .

The whole world, Africans know the reasons why the West (especially France) is preventing them from moving forward. Some African leaders have shown leadership and are ready to sacrifice their lives to defend the interests of their people, to end colonization. This is the case for the countries of East and South Africa, some countries of West and Central Africa such as Nigeria, Ghana and Angola, and all the countries of North Africa.

Some European countries have shown justice and let Africans manage their own destiny. Countries like Germany, Portugal, UK, etc. chose to become partners instead of becoming tyrants and assassins.

An African country has completely erased all traces of France thanks to excellent leadership. This is Rwanda where Paul Kagame totally transformed Rwanda in 20 years thanks to agriculture and technology.

Only one African country has resisted imperialism to prevent colonization, and that is Ethiopia. This country has dealt with its biggest disasters like hunger, drought, terrorism, etc, and today, thanks to a strong army and strong leadership, the country has become an African model.

Unfortunately, the only countries which are struggling to emerge from colonization are countries formerly colonized by France, such as Senegal. Nowadays, it is obvious that the leaders of these francophone countries are probably afraid of being assassinated. Macky Sall's actions towards the Senegalese people fully show that he is there to defend the interests of the French people. While more than 500 Senegalese people perish in the ocean, Macky Sall went to France to his “master colonist”, Macron, who insulted the Muslim world. He responds to almost all of France's demands without considering the negative impact on the Senegalese people.

With his actions one wonders if he is really a Senegalese President. Why does he prefer France to Senegal? Does he sacrifice the Senegalese for fear of being assassinated or of seeing his family exterminated like that of Gaddafi? It's up to the Senegalese to judge!

However, what we all need to understand is that the only president who can pull Senegal and the other French colonies out of the underdevelopment hole will have to be able to stand up and say NO to France and not be afraid of death.

“Only the fight liberates.”
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