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Even to sympathize, Auchan cannot help but despise the Senegalese people, like a French colonizer

07 March 2021, Jolof
Even to sympathize, Auchan cannot help but despise the Senegalese people, like a French colonizer

In a post published on his Linkedin profile, Edgard Bonté, “President of Auchan Retail - Interior's” reacted to the patriotic and sovereign revolutions in Senegal. He spoke of Senegal as if he were speaking to Senegalese slaves who are hungry and still in need of French alms. Here is an excerpt from his message which shows us the contempt and spirit of a colonizer, worthy of an arrogant Frenchman.

“… In Senegal, we support nearly 1,700 Senegalese families, we allow more than 500 Senegalese producers and industrialists to develop and hire, we respond, through low prices and quality products, to food needs and equipment for Senegalese and the millions of euros in taxes that we pay to the Senegalese state each year contribute to the development of this country… ”

As Senegalese and African, what do we hear from Edgard Bonte’s message:

“We support 1,700 Senegalese families… We meet the food needs of Senegalese.”

To us, what Edgard means by these words, is that without Auchan, 1,700 Senegalese families would die of hunger and would not be able to live without being rescued by Auchan. Edgard thus presented Auchan as the rescuer, the Merciful, who without his existence, 1,700 Senegalese families were not going to exist, that these Senegalese families were never going to provide for their needs.

What Auchan must understand is that before them, the famous Senegalese “Jolof Rice” (Rice and Fish) tasted much better, that there were fewer Senegalese unemployed in the streets because many of them could support themselves thanks to their entrepreneurship. Whether the Senegalese had degrees or not, most of them were able to support themselves, as small traders were everywhere and were able to feed their families well. Today, even the neighborhood shopkeeper is struggling to feed himself because his chances of survival have been stolen. With all this, it must be said that there are far fewer Senegalese who manage to feed themselves in Senegal.

“We enable more than 500 Senegalese producers and industrialists to develop and hire.”

These are words that make us laugh. To talk about 500 producers in a country of almost 17 million is really to downplay this country. In addition, Edgard expresses himself as it was alms that Auchan offered to these producers and industrialists, which nevertheless allow Auchan to have enough to sell in the lands belonging to the Senegalese people. In any supply chain, there are suppliers and demanders. Auchan is asking for the products and services that these Senegalese producers and industrialists offer. Without these producers and industrialists, Auchan would be forced to import these products to sell in Senegal and make money. If it wasn't Auchan, it would be other Senegalese businesses and supermarkets that would buy these products and services to make them available to Senegalese consumers. Ultimately, the one who buys these products is the Senegalese consumer.

It is therefore the Senegalese person and the Senegalese producers and industrialists who allow Auchan to exist and make a profit in Senegal. It is these Senegalese who allow Auchan to round off its sales to attract more investors. Auchan must therefore understand that it is not creating anything, this is a retail company, not a tech company like Google. Auchan buys and sells and therefore depends on the Senegalese people to do it. In a business relationship where everyone wins, Edgard should show respect and understand that he is not offering handouts to Senegalese producers and manufacturers, it is business.

“The millions of euros in taxes that we pay to the Senegalese state.”

This is the last straw! When France or a French company talks about the money they pay an African country, it always makes people laugh because the whole world understands that, France is a leech that lives on the blood of Africa. And without the blood of Africa, France would be nothing, because, by relying on its armed gang, France loots more than 500 billion American dollars from Africa, each year, not to mention the money generated with the CFA Franc through the advantages it offers to the French companies.

Edgard speaks as if taxes are not paid to governments, as do all other businesses, in almost every country in the world, as does every human being. And if Auchan pays taxes, it's because Auchan is making a good amount of money in Senegal. Despite knowing all this, Edgard still allows himself to express words worthy of those of a colonizer who expresses contempt for the Senegalese people.

What we Senegalese people conclude from Edgard's words is that the French will never cease to have contempt for the African people. The ignorance that France teaches these citizens makes the French people in general look down on Africa and show no respect to the African people. When you allow yourself to speak like this in a business relationship, you have no respect for the Senegalese people. If we Senegalese want to change this, we must ourselves promote Senegalese companies and other international companies capable of showing respect to the African people. There is nothing magical about what Auchan does, they buy products and resell them. The Senegalese can do the exact same thing. Boycott France and offer Senegalese products to the Senegalese people ourselves.

Here is some excerpts from Linkedin (In French)
Auchan Senegal Edgard Bonte
Auchan Senegal Edgard Bonte
Auchan Senegal Edgard Bonte
Auchan Senegal Edgard Bonte
Auchan Senegal Edgard Bonte
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