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Is South Africa heading for Apocalypse? Socialist Revolution.

24 March 2021, In Defence of Marxism
Is South Africa heading for Apocalypse? Socialist Revolution.

Does this mean that the working class is defeated, as some on the left imply? Not at all! The South African working class has not suffered a serious defeat since the 1960s. In their upcoming struggles, they will not only have to deal with the effects of the biggest crisis of capitalism in history, but also with the ineptitude of its leaders and the inability of its organisations to provide a revolutionary way out. The advanced workers are evaluating the situation and drawing the lessons of the previous period. When the working class moves again, it will be with a far-greater intensity and at a higher level than what we have seen in any previous period.

There is a physical limit that the workers can endure. The pressures building up in South African society is enormous. It must find an expression in one way or another. Sooner or later, that limit will be reached and the workers will move again. When they do, all organisations, groups, tendencies and leaders will be put to the test. Already, in 2018, there were more than one million working days lost to industrial actions. This figure has increased by 20.7 percent compared to the more than 960,000 working days in 2017.

Once the working class starts to move decisively, the ANC could be blown to pieces. Having governed on a capitalist basis, it has lost its moral and political authority. It will find it nearly impossible to hold back the masses. The organisations of the workers, especially the unions, could be transformed from top to bottom, with powerful left-wing tendencies emerging to challenge the inertia of the current leaders.

The working class will move again – as night follows day. But the movement of the working class is not a tap that can be opened and closed at will. All attempts to “kickstart” the movement are futile and counterproductive. They will move when they are ready to move – not one moment before. The task of revolutionaries is to connect with the advanced layers of the workers and enter into a dialogue with them. Our task should be to patiently explain the real situation. Workers don’t like things to be sugar-coated. We must tell them the truth. There is no way out on a capitalist basis.

We live in a revolutionary epoch. We have seen revolutionary movements in one country after another in Chile, Ecuador, Haiti, Lebanon, Colombia, Catalonia, France, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria and Burkina Faso. South Africa is part of the world economy. It is part of the crisis of capitalism. The same processes, which take place around the world, take place in South Africa. Sooner or later, the scenes we are seeing in other countries will play out in the streets of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Mangaung, and Cape Town. The problem is not South African society, not a crisis of the working class, but a crisis of its leadership. The task facing revolutionaries is precisely to build the cadres for the revolution, with a clear Marxist understanding to connect with the struggles of the working class and lead them to victory, which can only mean through socialist revolution.
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South Africa could be a great place to live and an engine for Africa. Unfortunately, the hate perpetrated by South Africa towards other Africans is having an impact on South Africa's economy.


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There is a lot that is wrong with South Africa. They need to fix there problems. No one else will. Other Africans could. But how you can help someone that actually kill your people?

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