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The African problem is that we never think about future generations like Whites, Chinese, etc.

20 April 2021, Jolof
The African problem is that we never think about future generations like Whites, Chinese, etc.

Let us take a moment and think about this question: how is it that for centuries the Whites manage to destabilize African countries, sow discord between us and continue to plunder our resources. In other words, how does the West manage to perpetuate the same policy of exploiting Africa from generation to generation?

Well the answer is simple! This is because white people think about future generations. As the facts have always shown, whites have killed, kill and will kill to develop their countries, by any means necessary, but also to ensure that their future generations find a developed country with the necessary means that will allow them to continue to thrive.

Take the example of France, it has succeeded in colonizing African countries for centuries. From one generation to the next, this colonization has been maintained with the aim of “emancipating” the colonized people and extorting their resources and their dignity. The 1960s were supposed to represent the end of French colonization. Despite all this, France still manages to control its colonies in Africa. From De Gaulle to Pompidou, D'Estaing, Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande and today Macron, French policy is based practically on the same philosophy: to feed France by exploiting Africa by all the means necessary in order to maintain the French prestige, the same prestige that had pushed French soldiers to exterminate Senegalese soldiers after the latter saved their lives.

France has therefore managed to maintain its exploitation because it thinks of these future generations, that it has a policy of colonization and / or continuous exploitation that goes beyond the presidential mandates. Today, the ways of doing things may have changed, but the ultimate objective remains the same, and the French government as well as the French parliament still remain faithful to this policy of exploiting African countries, which France still colonizes.

France is not the only country that thinks about the future generations of its people. Most Western countries do the same. A healthier example than the example of France is Norway. Norway is a country rich in oil and natural gas. But unlike many other countries, Norway does not dump its resources like the United States. Nor has it had its resources plundered like most of the least armed African countries. On the contrary, Norway exploits its resources for itself, sells them to other countries and sets a lot of money aside for future generations. It is the famous “Oil Fund” or the Norwegian Government Pension Fund that makes the world jealous. Today (2021), that fund is estimated at nearly US $ 1 trillion available for generations to come. It should be noted that the origin of this fund dates back to 2006 with the aim of managing the excess foreign exchange reserves resulting from the export of oil.

Beyond the West, we can also mention countries like China which managed to lift more than 800 million Chinese people out of poverty after the revolution led by Mao Tze Tung which was able to get rid of the imperialists. We can also cite the United Arab Emirates which are prime examples when it comes to making oil resources a fortune for future generations and a tool for sustainable development - Dubai is a proof that cannot be ignored. South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. all these countries are also examples that have demonstrated the importance of thinking about future generations to maintain sustainable development.

Unfortunately in Africa, in many of our countries and especially in French-speaking countries, we do not give any importance to future generations. Apart from a few countries like Botswana, Seychelles, Ghana, etc., most of our leaders think of themselves and their families first. This thus causes endless new beginnings for development projects that will never materialize, if there are even projects. Each new president who comes thus throws away most of the projects started by his predecessor to promote his own ideas in order to make a name for himself; sometimes even these ideas come entirely to him from the master colonist, as is the case with Macky Sall who bought his program in Paris.

In Senegal, President Macky Sall demonstrates on a daily basis that youth and future generations have no priority in his agenda, which justifies the observed economic and political setback. Today, Senegal has no policy, neither monetary nor economic, to develop the country for generations to come. With a colossal debt of nearly 33 billion US dollars, Senegal today has more than 48% of the population living below the poverty line. Almost 75% of the Senegalese population lives from the primary sector; that is to say from subsistence farming. Yet despite this large agricultural population, a youth representing 2/3 of the Senegalese population and a totally fertile land, Senegal imports virtually everything it consumes from abroad. The government coffers are empty, because many international companies established in Senegal do not pay taxes, and the little money that the state extorts from the populations or coming from debts that future generations will have to pay, enters into the pockets of leaders, their families and their “buddies.” Due to this lack of economic and monetary policy, the total absence of youth and future generations in the priorities of the State and the theft of public funds, insecurity is worsening in Senegal, poverty is on the rise and the Senegalese people are becoming more and more foreigners in their own country. Macky continues to sell Senegal's land and resources to foreigners without leaving anything for future generations.

This is the kind of problem many African countries are experiencing today, Senegal being one of the worst. While some African countries are breaking out of this vicious circle such as Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, etc., others are retreating thus making their countries unlivable for future generations. If we Africans do not fight against treacherous leaders like Macky Sall, if we do not stand up to get rid of these slaves like Macky Sall who do not hesitate to squander the fate of an entire population for their own interests, we risk to see our countries turn into hell, because, when the people can no longer feed themselves, they will resort to all the means necessary to survive. Insecurity will therefore never stop getting worse.

Let's take action, let's get rid of these parasitic presidents. Our future generations need us.
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