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“My ex-husband and his friend turned my daughter into their sex object”

18 December 2021, Obs
“My ex-husband and his friend turned my daughter into their sex object”

The child's trauma was so deep that, as soon as Roger rang the doorbell, anxious Manon hastened to get under the table and asked his mother to hide her.

It was after a judicial meeting at the Zurich court that Ms. Djami Dieme (a good-looking Senegalese woman), who was about to end her first marriage, met Roger Hayoz. A court psychologist and translator, he is one of the justice collaborators who speak French in this part of Switzerland where English and German coexist. And the linguistic link will gradually bring them together to end up in a love story that was formalized later by a modest marriage.

From this union will be born a daughter, Manon, who will fill her parents with happiness. “But my happiness will be short-lived,” she regrets. “I found out that my partner was taking illegal drugs and beating me all the time.” This discovery will threaten the couple’s life. “So, I left the marital home in to find an apartment in Winterthur (a Swiss city) with my daughter,” she says. The father's numerous visits to his ex's new residence, to see his daughter, are not done in peace. Both porcelain and furniture will pay the price for its fury. And, on several occasions, the Canton police will be forced to descend to restore calm and remove the unwanted visitor.

The daily life of this small apartment in Winterthur, would have gone well if Djami had not made a discovery that will turn his life upside down: gone to bed on a Tuesday evening, they woke up only 48 hours later. And that, thanks to her daughter’s teacher, who came to inquire about Manon’s absence from school the day before.

“I was sure she was in class on Wednesday. But at the insistence of the teacher with whom she was to go out, I began to have doubts,” she said. On Friday, an early response to her doubts will be offered to her. “After drinking from a bottle that I took from my kitchen, I threw it in the back seat of my car. Suddenly, I hear Psssssss behind me and I see mosses and bubbles coming out of the badly closed bottle.” Analysis of the contents of the bottle will confirm the presence of powerful sleeping pills. She immediately concluded that she had been poisoned. And his suspicions go immediately to Roger, who missed no opportunity to threaten her with death.

From that day, misfortunes will follow: the car and the windows of her apartment will be vandalized. The Swiss police to whom they turned, will not hasten to believe her. Instead, the police suggested her to report the damage to the insurance company. Then begins a mad race to take shelter. From that moment on, she knew she was in danger. And she understood that no one would lift a finger to help her.

The only relative she has in the township is Manfred Maurer, who is also a friend of Roger. Without hesitation, they take refuge in Mettmenstetten at Manfred’s to escape Roger. At the invitation of their landlord, Djami and his daughter will one day go for a ride on Lake Geneva with a pedal boat. The benefactor had put the little girl on his knees and was pedaling to move the boat forward. “Suddenly,” she said, “I hear my daughter shouting ‘stop, stop’.” “I got up from my seat and asked him to leave my daughter.” Manon in tears, tells her mother that the uncle touched her. But when the mother begins to raise her voice, Manfred tried to capsize the boat. The mother and daughter leave the boat, swim to the mainland, take their car and hide in the forest. There, Manon, summoned to tell everything, will make terrible revelations to her mother. “Papa and Manfred have been hurting me for a long time, ....” she stammers. And this, sometimes in the wild, sometimes in her mother's own house, as soon as she turned her back.”

The child's trauma was so deep that, as soon as Roger rang the doorbell, anxious Manon hastened to get under the table and asked his mother to hide her. But the latter, who hadn't seen anything coming, was quietly going about her business. Musician by profession, Djami was always on stage and did not suspect the ordeal that his little girl was going through. On the other hand, the many gifts that father and friend gave Manon did not allow her to imagine that her daughter could be subjected to mistreatment. During this time, the little girl, entrusted to Roger, suffered violence from the two men, sometimes overnight. But under duress, she had never revealed anything to her mother so far.

Stunned by this information, Djami hastened to contact the police, who automatically ordered medical examinations. Pending medical conclusions, the bruises on the private parts and the traces of white discharge on the child's panties leave no doubt: she had regular sexual activity. The police, who soon had the latest results confirming the rape, were to arrest Manfred Maurer. The latter, having recognized the facts, denounces his friend. However, the police will never arrest Roger Hayoz, who is considered a notable and devoted aide to the justice system. And, despite the numerous expert reports commissioned by the justice system, Manfred ended up being released after two weeks of imprisonment. Faced with this denial of justice, and to save his head like that of his daughter, Djami fled Zurich to take refuge in France. She has been staying for a few days somewhere in the Paris region.
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