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Mali: African traitors (ECOWAS) sell the soul of patriotic Africans to the French colonist, history repeats itself!

10 January 2022, Jolof
Mali: African traitors (ECOWAS) sell the soul of patriotic Africans to the French colonist, history repeats itself!

This Sunday, January 9, 2022, Africans, slaves and traitors (ECOWAS, meet in Accra with the aim of sanctioning Mali. Why? Because Mali has decided to take its destiny in hand as a sovereign country, because that Mali understood France's diabolical plan to "partition Malian territory" in order to steal its resources and deprive it of its dignity.

Indeed, after having spent more than a decade in Mali under the camouflage of a fight against terrorism and with the complicity of the UN and other Western countries, France has been exposed by all of Africa. Young Africans realized that the French gang of armed thieves were in Mali only for their own interests. Videos on the Net showed a French armed gang stealing gold from Mali, other videos showed France supporting terrorists in order to better disguise its evil plan against an African country, for an umpteenth.

During all this time, neither ECOWAS nor UEMOA have offered any assistance to Mali, which is nevertheless a member of these supposed unions for inter-African solidarity. Today, at a time when the Malian army is demonstrating notable progress in its fight against terrorism, after ruling out France, ECOWAS accepts being used by the latter to betray the African people. It is because of this same France which supports the Chadian putschist that ECOWAS stabs Mali in the back by inflicting economic sanctions on it. What a shame ! What a bunch of filthy traitors! What a betrayal!

These unfortunate and shameful sanctions from Africans against Africans remind us of history, the days of slavery, when Africans sold the souls of Africans to whites for "forks" and "spoons", a trade that benefited only African traitors (like those of ECOWAS) and who sacrificed the fate of an entire people, the black African people. A kind of trade that a white would never do against another white country. We all remember the extraordinary support of the European Union for Greece when the latter was on the verge of bankruptcy ...

So, the questions we need to ask ourselves as Africans are: Why do we hate each other so much? Why do some of our leaders, especially in the French colonies in Africa, never hesitate to sacrifice the African people to please whites? So should the African people take their destiny in hand, demand the abolition of ECOWAS?

Let us remember what our prophet, Thomas Sankara has always taught us: “only struggle liberates. The Malian people must never bow down to this ECOWAS which is being instrumentalized by foreign imperialist hands. The African people remain behind Mali. Long live sovereignty!
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