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Neocolonialism? When Senegal pays France 500% more than Kenya for a 36-KM railway!

28 December 2021, Jolof
Neocolonialism? When Senegal pays France 500% more than Kenya for a 36-KM railway!

Did you know? The Senegal Regional Express Train is overcharged by more than 500%! While Senegal pays 780 billion CFA Francs for 36 kilometers, Kenya has paid only 129 billion CFA Francs for the same 36 kilometers and as part of a very useful project for the development of Kenya.

In a recent press release, President Macky Sall of Senegal affirmed that the Regional Express Train has sent Senegalese more than 780 billion CFA Francs for a journey of 36 kilometers, or an amount of 1.3 billion US dollars.

To put into perspective the extent of this overcharging and this ultimate colonial exploitation, we allowed ourselves to make a simple comparison of the TER and the “Mombasa – Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway” project which constitutes a train dependent on the two largest cities of the Kenya Nairobi and Mombassa, a distance of exactly 578.8 kilometers. This project involves trains running at 120 kilometers per hour and has cost Kenyans US $ 3.6 billion.

While Senegal pays US $ 1.3 billion for 36 kilometers, Kenya, led by courageous patriots and serving their people first, pays US $ 3.6 billion for 578.8 kilometers. If we do a simple mathematical operation, we will find that Kenya only paid 224 million US dollars (129 billion FCFA) for a 36-kilometer journey where Senegal paid 1.3 billion US dollars ( 780 billion FCFA), i.e., overbilling of more than 500%. In other words, Macky Sall paid 6 times more than normal countries for his TER. The question is therefore to know why? Why is he sacrificing the Senegalese like this?

Well, the answer is simple. Macky Sall is not and has never been at the service of the Senegalese people. As we have seen again and again, what matters for him is to enrich himself, to enrich his family and to satisfy the desires of the French settler as he has always demonstrated. He did not hesitate to sacrifice Senegalese entrepreneurs for the benefit of French companies (example: Wari for Free). And he always fought to ensure that their French companies prosper on the backs of the Senegalese (example: Alstom) while the Senegalese entrepreneurs or even the average Senegalese starve and remain eternally exploited.
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