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Ouattara: should we get rid of this Black slave who betrays the Black people?

14 January 2022, Jolof
Ouattara: should we get rid of this Black slave who betrays the Black people?

After Gbagbo and the ECO, the slave Ouattara still betrays the African people, and this time it is the turn of Mali!

If there is a traitor and slave on whom France can count, it is Alassane Ouattara. Today, while the whole of Africa supports Mali, it would have taken this traitor to turn ECOWAS against a sovereign people.

But alas, for many, this is not a surprise. Since his intrusion into power by France in 2011, Alassane Ouattara has never hesitated to do the dirty work, that is to say "lick the asses" of French presidents by stabbing his African brothers and sisters in the back and without no scruples.

In 2011, when Laurent Gbagbo was fighting heart and soul for the interests of the Ivorian people, France had to use its slave, Alassane Ouattara, to eliminate Gbagbo. Yet Gbagbo only wanted to make sure that Ivorian cocoa and resources benefit Ivorians more than the vulture that is France.

In 2019, France again used its favorite slave to bypass the ECO in order to calm the fights against the CFA Franc, a colonial tool that France still uses against our countries. And yet, for years, ECOWAS has done excellent work in establishing a common currency. And overnight, the "asshole", Alassane Ouattara, buries this pan-Africanist project for the beautiful eyes of his master, France.

2022, Ouattara and his traitorous ECOWAS “friends” are still stabbing the African people in the back. This time, it is the turn of Mali, a country that has decided to take its destiny into its own hands. Indeed, after discovering that France was actually in Mali to get its hands on the country's resources and not to fight terrorism, Malian patriots decided to act for the security and sovereignty of Mali. A noble cause, isn't it? But as always, traitors, even if they have the same skin as those they betray, do not know nobility. It will therefore have been necessary still Ouattara and company to sanction Mali. Who is this traitor?

In such a situation where we see a traitor among us, continually betraying the African People, we must therefore ask ourselves the question of what to do with this traitor.
Should we get rid of it?
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