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What is this art of postponing everything that is holding you back?

22 December 2021, Seytoo
What is this art of postponing everything that is holding you back?

“Tomorrow I will start sports,” “next week I will fill out my tax return,” “after this movie I start working” ... or those sweet lullabies that we call procrastination.

So procrastination, you understand, is the fact of always postponing until tomorrow and even at three would have said Desproges, the French humorist, what we could do the same day. In other words, to always find better things to do than urgent cases or activities for which we have signed up.

According to Piers Steel, a professor of marketing at the University of Calgary, the proportion of people who admit to suffering from procrastination quadrupled between 1978 and 2002, making this unfortunate and sometimes pathological trend the quintessential modern phenomenon.

Once the word is put it is relief, that's it I know what I have “I'm procrastinating!” Yes but after? When you think about it, procrastination is ultimately just the tree that hides the forest, a symptom in short.

Did you know that March 25 is World Procrastination Day? Yes it does exist and for fear of postponing this article well I decided to write it... today! Does that have a name?

More seriously, some researchers believe that there is a time problem, particularly between the time assessed and reality. This is what the philosopher and sociologist Jon Elster calls “illusory planning:” We always believe that we can do what we have planned without ever confronting the reality of unforeseen events beyond our control. I will add to this a desire to want to do too well so that we end up operating in “all or nothing.”

Time, perfectionism... are in my opinion only the symptoms of a deep avoidance.

Lack of self-confidence? Afraid of not getting there? Certainly a bit of both. Rather than risk not succeeding, the procrastinator prefers to “sabotage” his own success by making it impossible by all kinds of unachievable conditions.

But the one that weighs on us the most is the procrastination that affects our faith. “Tomorrow I will get up earlier to pray,” “I will read the Koran later” and then “as soon as I can I will repent...”

If our Beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, asked us to hasten to do good works, it is because he knew that Man has a penchant for ease, idleness sometimes and above all that he lets himself be overcome by fear and despair in the most difficult situations. You know the famous “where I'm at ...”

By thinking of hope and love rather than fear, deciding to face your ego rather than running away from it, putting your priorities in order and finally, remembering that every day can to be a “deadline” then it is already an excellent start to get there thanks be to God.

As Seneca, the Latin philosopher and playwright, said: “by putting off until later, life is beyond us.”
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