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How to stay positive while unemployed, and get a new job?

27 December 2021, Seytoo
How to stay positive while unemployed, and get a new job?

t is sometimes difficult to justify a gap of one or two years on a CV, which is why the unemployed must try to find small jobs or internships.

Long-term unemployment has never been easy. But, what will be even more difficult is seeing your chances of getting a job again shattered after you sink into despair and lose all self-esteem. Indeed, an unemployed person should always be positive and expect a new job. To stay confident, you need to take care and learn to use time wisely.

Why are unemployed people depressed most of the time?

The unemployed, whether they have recently graduated or have lost their jobs, all have the same problems. They have to deal not only with low income but also with the eyes of those around them who tend to blame them. This is why they often become depressed. However, if they want to find a job as quickly as possible, they must keep up their morale because, with equal skills, an employer will not hesitate to choose an optimistic and motivated person to the detriment of another with gray faces.

How to remain optimistic?

One should not withdraw into oneself by considering unemployment as inevitable. But, there is also no point in running around desperately looking for a job. The ideal would be to have a busy schedule, that is, to undertake activities and to set realistic goals to prepare for a new job. It is also important to see unemployment as an opportunity to take care of yourself, to have fun so as not to sink into depression and lose the taste for effort.

Keep in touch with friends and relatives

The unemployed must take time to share with their loved ones. To free his mind and keep a smile, he can organize outings, play sports or travel. It is also possible for him to join an association in which he will surely have the opportunity to share his experiences, and, why not, to confide in someone.

Never stay inactive

If the unemployed have time to read, they should not deprive themselves of such pleasure. He is therefore advised to buy or obtain a book by his favorite writer. It will also be an opportunity for him to cultivate himself and learn new things. However, he must also be entertained with funny books that will allow him to always keep smiling and forget his worries. In addition, he can also take care of the maintenance of the house, tinkering, repainting his room, gardening… Above all, he must never remain seated in front of the television, without doing anything, because not only does inactivity harm the health but also leads to a feeling of emptiness.

How to prepare for a new job?

Although he does not yet have a job, the unemployed person has to think of a profession he could do. To do this, he can first determine the new industry in which he wants to work, if his old job did not suit him. Otherwise, he must try to use his time to build up his CV.

Expand your Curriculum Vitae

It is sometimes difficult to justify a gap of one or two years on a CV, which is why the unemployed must try to find small jobs or internships. He is also advised not to miss any opportunity that would allow him to participate in workshops. In addition, he must follow the news and be particularly interested in his industry or former position. This will allow him to prepare well for job interviews. In addition, he should not fail to inform his acquaintances, who are likely to help him on his job search.

Thinking about a new career

The unemployed can also embark on a new career. All he will have to do is develop a professional plan and define the profile he would like to have for the new position he wishes to occupy. Then, to upgrade, it will just take training.

Create your own business

If the unemployed person has an entrepreneurial soul and a taste for risk, he can consider starting a business. Thus, he will no longer stress for nothing and no longer have to put up with the bad moods of the bosses. Working on your own is very motivating and allows you to always have the spirit of initiative. But, it does take time and a lot of investment.
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