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Should women sacrifice their career for marriage?

17 December 2021, Seytoo
Should women sacrifice their career for marriage?

“It was after a love disappointment that I embarked on my own project, I devote all my time to it ... and it makes me feel good”

Formerly, girls were considered “old” from the age of 20. When they are very young, they were prepared to become wives. Some had their first menstrual period while in the matrimonial home. Marriage, children and home were the only possible career plan.

With the emancipation of women, new trends are emerging. Already as little girl, women are beginning to project themselves into the future as a doctors, teachers or actresses, pilots, etc. Today, the average length of studies is four years after high school. If a girl decides to relegate her marriage until she finds a job, she will have to wait another year or more. It's no coincidence that the average age of marriage for women is 27, nowadays. By tirelessly and emotionally being disappointed, single women focus on give all their best at work.

Do women focus on their careers because they cannot find a husband?

Adja 28 years old: “It was after a love disappointment that I embarked on my own project, I devote all my time to it ... and it makes me feel good”

Work becomes a sweet drug, something that rewards for the efforts and sacrifices provided. The result of the engagement is tangible and certain, contrary to the frustrations generated from human relationships.

In a society like ours, marriage continues to be seen as a career.

A mother speaking of her daughter: “My daughter is studying economics ... but in the end she will marry and have children ...” Translation: my daughter is studying until she finds a husband.

The “studies” pretext looks good for many parents who refuse to “give away” their daughter, to marry her: “Sorry but our daughter is not going to be married; she is still a student.”

Only when the decision is final, they say: “She can combine both studying and being married… come on!”

Some women completely drop their own plans and ambitions when a good “choice” comes. The most sensible women manage to reconcile the two, career or study and marriage, as best as they can.

The head of a recruitment agency said that: “Single women are more appreciated for hiring purpose than married women... They are freer and less bound by family obligations.”

The stronger women combine studies and work, a mean of realizing for their goals, a sense of achievement and personal development. They manage to dissociate their career from private life, notably marriage. If the couple is in danger because of the career or vice versa, they make the necessary decision.
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