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Amadou Amadou!!! (12): Marietou, sadness, cruelty and tears, by Ladyba

09 September 2020, Ladyba

The doctor made a sign to her husband and they left for a little while, she was still crying we did not understand at all what was happening. Her husband returned with a sad expression and his eyes filled with tears.

So we were getting ready to go home with her. Her friend Oumou had prepared her luggage. And the doctor had signed the discharge voucher. And when it came time to get out of bed, she did not move and her tears began to flow. I ran to her, even before her husband:

Amadou: Mom, what is going on? Are you hurt?
Marietou: Amadou, I can't move my legs anymore, I don't even feel them anymore.
Her husband: Maybe you stayed in bed too long. Hold on…
Marietou: Darling, I'm a nurse and I know it's not a good sign
Amadou: Mom, try again...

She tried to move her legs but nothing and there her husband ran to call the doctor. He arrived and took us out, a few minutes later, we could hear Marietou screaming, an enormous cry of despair in suffering. Without permission, we all jumped up and the doctor asked us to stay outside but we did not even listen to him.

Oumou: Marietou what is it? Stop crying, God will help us...

The doctor made a sign to her husband and they left for a little while, she was still crying we did not understand at all what was happening. Her husband returned with a sad expression and his eyes filled with tears.

Alioune (Marietou’s husban): it's going to be fine my darling; we will take care of you.
Oumou: Alioune, what is going on?
Amadou: Uncle, is everything fine?
Alioune: In fact the doctor has just explained to me that she surely has a problem with the nerves and that she will have to stay to do more analysis to confirm all this but...
Marietou: There is no need to beat around the bush; you can tell them that I have become paraplegic.
Amadou: What mom? (I didn't understand anything it's the first time I heard this word but I will remember it all my life.)
Marietou: It means that I lost the use of my 2 legs and that I will not walk any more, I am disabled here and I will spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. So goodbye to work too, which was so important to me. What am I going to become? My God, why me?
Oumou: Marietou, trust God. It’s his decision, everything will be fine Insha Allah.

Her husband and I were devastated, it must be said that he was madly in love with her. I believe that his 1st wife had been imposed on him by his family but that he never loved her. Marietou was his only love and he proved it to him well. That's why besides his co-wife hated her so much, she was jealous of the love and the complicity she saw between Marietou and her husband.

So she stayed in the hospital longer, and the tests confirmed that she had lost both of her legs. Don't ask me how? I do not know at all.

Finally she came home a week later and in a wheelchair. The pain was on her face, her co-wife pretended to be worried about her but she wasn't bluffing anyone. Even their husband knew she was was happy deep down. The beautiful “Drianké” who had chipped her husband was sterile and in addition now she was paralyzed… wowhhhh she was in heaven!

So life went on, quietly for everyone except her and me, plus I was a boy so it was hard to do some things for her like wash up and everything? Her girlfriend often came or her husband did it the first days, then she learned to fend for herself. I helped him as best I could, but I also had my classes. I was diligent now and I was killing myself at work just to make Marietou proud, I no longer went out on weekends, she no longer had any zest for life so anything that could make her smile, even if only one minute, I did. Her husband and I did everything to relieve her in vain, but it was impossible. She was always so sad, her co-wife and her children always so mean except Laye who continued to be nice to us and even came to Marietou's room to chat sometimes.

And one day, almost three months after he got home, I was coming home from school, got home earlier than expected because a class had been canceled. So around 4 p.m., I opened the door to the house and there, no, I would have committed murders that day if I hadn't held back. Marietou was on the floor in the yard next to his armchair and there were his co-wife's two daughters, older girls 23 and 19 (Penda and Colé) who were laughing. They weren't even helping him no but I wonder how people who call themselves believers more can be so cruel. They weren't even helping her get up! Her husband had gotten a maid for her, but apparently that day she had not come; I didn't say anything I ran towards Marietou I lifted her up and put her back on her chair.

In fact, there was a small veranda before arriving in the common courtyard and a small step. And Marietou was all alone and with the heat in the room, she wanted to join the courtyard except that she fell from her chair. I took her back to her room; she was crying in silence and I calmed her down a bit. She loved sour milk so I went to the store to buy her some and make some for her. these two bitches were still in the yard but I didn't say anything to them.

I gave her a nice “Ndiarr” (Sour Cream) with ice cubes and tried to make her laugh with my double-barreled jokes that she loved, then I gave her meds and she dozed off. I closed the door to her bedroom so she wouldn't hear me and went to see those little witches there. They were always in the same place and there “Bam! Bam! Bam!” I chained the slaps on them, no I don't even know how I did (lol) but I suffered I admit because they were two, they were defending each other and I had just 2 arms but the 1st slaps I gave them were strong. This is the first time that I hit women but those ones deserved it. I was in a parallel world I think, I didn't even realize what I was doing, I just felt arms pulling me from behind.

Laye: Hey, hey Amadou, what are you doing?
Penda: Just touch me again and you will see? You are just a “Talibé” nothing else
Colé: It’s daddy’s fault, because he accepted to bring him there.

I didn't say anything and frankly their words didn't even hurt me, they are so bad as people.

Laye: Hey shut up! Boy, what is going on?
Amadou: Sorry man. But you really have to talk to your little sisters... (And there I was telling him what they had done to Marietou. And there it was himself who gave them slaps, and it was me who was holding him back… Loool.)

Their mom arrived and of course took their defense. But hey, from the moment my slaps landed on their ugly cheeks, I had achieved my goal. I went back to my room and prayed for my loving mom, that she would smile again. Very early the next morning, I bought some cement and went to borrow some tools from a neighbor who was a nearby bricklayer; I broke that damn step and cemented the space so that she could pass easily with her chair without anyone's help. We don't think too much about the disabled people here in Senegal but some little effort can be made to improve their lives just a little bit.

And since that day, despite her refusal, I quit school to take care of her, but to tell the truth she didn't even insist much. It looked like she felt the end and wanted to move on, more time with her family, however small. We spent our days chatting, watching DVDs of films or theater that her husband brought, her friend Oumou sometimes came to see her and it was during these times that I went out a bit so as not to go crazy too.

And six months after she was released from the hospital, the fateful day arrived, one morning around 11 a.m. the door to her room was closed, I didn't come in because her husband was with her the day before and I didn't know if he had gone to work or not. Normally he would leave early enough and leave the door open for me to enter. So that intrigued me a bit and I was worried I admit I don't even know why.

I waited 1 hour and I couldn't take it anymore so I knocked for minutes the door was locked so her husband was inside after a few minutes, I heard the key click and turn and I knocked and then came in.

Her husband was there with his back turned next to Marietou, he knelt down when she did not move, she was lying on her back, eyes closed.

Uncle Alioune: She left around 3am but I couldn't leave her, I know that if I call the people they'll bring her and I don't want her to leave.”

Amadou stopped telling the story and cried, Binta hugged him and for at least 30 minutes he was sobbing.

Binta: Babe calm down, calm down… pray for her.
Amadou: I'm just praying for her, you can't know how she loved me.
Binta: Yes, of course I know, I listened to you and I know that she was an extraordinary woman.
Amadou: Yes she was the best of all.

When my uncle said that to me, my whole world was falling apart, I stood next to him and didn't cry that day, I didn't shed a single tear, my heart was bleeding. So I started to pray, and then I asked her husband what to do. During all the preparation for the funeral, the burial, I did everything like a grown-up myself because the husband was too devastated not more than me but I think I was stronger than him. I am going to step there…”

Binta: No, oh my God. Your story is too moving and it makes me so sad that she left so early.
Amadou: Not a single day goes by that I don't think about her, every day, every night I think about her; I miss her so much.
Binta: But why didn't you resume your studies after her death, seeing how you describe her husband, he was nice, wasn't he?
Am: Loool that my love that's yet another story...
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