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Amadou, Amadou (14): Love, money and the witch... Will Amadou and Binta survive the pressure?, by Ladyba

18 September 2020, Ladyba

He liked him a lot but he had to protect her and the best way was for this relationship to end even if he was madly in love with her. But stubborn as she is, she will never accept.

When Amadou and Binta entered, Amadou immediately recognized the lady and it was total chaos in her head: “ouhh la no no Oh no my god not her, in all of Dakar, in all the districts, in all the houses, all the living rooms this lady had to be in THIS living room?... The trouble is going to start sooner than I expected then.” Amadou was thinking about all that even though he tried not to make it look like he was boiling inside.

Binta: Mom, this is Amadou
Mom: Ah finally, how are you my son? For months we have only heard this first name in my daughter's mouth… “Amadou, Amadou,…!”
Amadou: Ah hello auntie, sorry I should have come to see you for a long time but, I was a little bit busy.
Mom: Take a seat. How is your family?
Am: They are doing well…

He greeted the lady who was looking at him strangely since he entered. He sat down in front of the lady who was still looking at him and there:

Adji (the lady): Am I getting crazy or not? Isn’t Marietou’s Amadou? (It was a little detail but he loved being called that.)
Amadou: Ah Adji, I did not recognize you. How is Laye doing?

Binta grabbed him immediately and there she began to tremble. Adji, a very close friend of his mother, was Marietou's famous co-wife. “Oh my god” she said to herself. She had moved to the neighborhood 4 years ago and had become very close to her mother. They even participated in a tontine together. Binta was afraid, she knew that her mother would know sooner or later the past of her man but not all the details and even less so soon. She wanted her mom to know Amadou first and love him for his kindness, his seriousness, his intelligence etc..., before talking about money and other trivialities.

Mom: Ah adji, do you know Amadou?
Adji: I know him very well. We lived together for a few years.

This remark was made for the sole purpose of confirming that she knew him very well. Amadou pulled out his phone and pretended to have an emergency call. He felt that if he stayed there it would escalate. Already, he had so much hatred for this woman but in addition Binta's mother was surely likely to say things that he did not want to hear. If she is seeing this lady it is because she must have the same crazy ideas.

Amadou: Tata excuse me, I have an emergency. I have to go.
Mom: What? Can’t you stay a little bit?
Amadou: It's urgent aunt I just received a message and I'm really sorry.
Binta no longer understood anything: but baby wait at least a little while for dad to come back from the mosque.
Adji: Am I hearing “baby”! Hehehe, today’s youth amaze me. Sokhna is it how you raised your kids?

Sokhna, Binta's mother, looked at her daughter. Amadou told herself that Binta was really crazy. She had dared to call her baby in front of her mother, “no this girl is sick.” He said goodbye by promising to come back very soon, Binta accompanied him and as soon as they left the house:

Binta: Baby what was that? What urgency?
Amadou: Tell me, are you crazy?
Binta: What?
Amadou: No… you called me “baby” in front of your mother and that witch there.
Binta: I know, mom is going to lecture me when I go back, but I didn't do it on purpose, it's usual.
Am: No more in front of this lady there? Do you know who it is? You guessed?
Binta (with a sad face): Yes, yes, she has lived in the neighborhood for a few years now.
Amadou: Ok, ok, so you want us to stop now? Or do we wait for everything to explode?
Binta: Cheuteut… Baby, you're too radical.
Amadou: No, no I have my feet on the ground unlike you, you dream too much.
Binta: I tell you that it will be fine.
Amadou: When this witch is done with me and I'm sure she has already started, your mother won't want you to approach me anymore.
Binta: Don't worry
Amadou: Go ahead, go home it's getting late. We’ll talk over the phone later.

Binta kissed him in the middle of the street. Although it was dark and the street was deserted, Am had not appreciated.

Amadou: Binta, are you kissing me in the street now?
Binta: Cheuteut, baby you are too complicated. There is no harm in loving and showing it.
Amadou: You really have to stop reading your romance novels; they go in your head. This is Senegal, it’s not Paris, New York or Los Angeles.
Binta: OK, sorry, goodbye. See you later.

He watched him go home, she was so naive. She had such a pure heart that she believed everyone was the same and therefore she was never suspicious and was very impulsive. He liked him a lot but he had to protect her and the best way was for this relationship to end even if he was madly in love with her. But stubborn as she is, she will never accept.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Adji had spoken about Amadou. When Binta returned she was leaving the house to go home.

Adji: Binta I thought that you knew your worth more than that.

Binta did not answer and went back to her room. She thought to avoid her mother in this way, but she found her in her room after having accompanied her friend.

Mom: Binta, are you kidding me?
Binta: No mom, what did I do?
Mom: A “Talibé?” Huh?
Binta: Mom, that was a long time ago, he was taken in by Adji's co-wife and went to school.
Mom: So what? I do not care. You kept tiring us out with “Amadou, Amadou” all the time. When I think you refused the advances of Khalil and many men with good positions to bring me back less than nothing.
Binta: Mom, stop! He is not a “minus,” he is a practicing Muslim and who has always tried to get by on his own. He just didn't have the same luck as me.
Mom: I am not going to spend too much time on this. I will not say anything to your father.
Binta: Ah Mom, I am going to talk about it with daddy. Because it is with Amadou that I am going to marry, it is him that I love.
Mom: Love? Will love give you food? Will love make me look good and respected in front of all Dakar? This Amadou don’t even know where his mother is? I want a beautiful “Drianké” mother like me. Someone whose mother does not like, I will not be able to like him either, so I will not let my daughter marry him.
Binta: Oh mom, how could you say something like that?
Mom: Go to hell. I do not want to see you with him again and make sure that he does not put his feet at my place again. You have no “class”, no respect for yourself. Your friends are looking for people with bing house, beautify 4x4 cars, and you are looking at a “Talibe”, a street child. You disappoint me, me who refused even Laye because I thought he hadn't done enough and you bring me worse than Laye.

She went out, leaving Binta in tears on her bed. Binta had hidden this detail from Amadou. But a little over a year ago, Adji wanted her son Laye to marry Binta, she had discussed it with Binta's mother and she replied that only Binta would choose her husband. But what Adji didn't know was that Sokhna thought they weren't rich enough for his daughter, his darling and youngest child, for whom she was planning for a huge wedding. Sokhna then told Binta to decline any offer from Laye, which she gladly did, when he invited her just for a drink, since Laye didn't appeal to her at all.

Amadou had sent her lots of messages and had also tried to reach her but she had not picked up for fear that he would perceive her sadness. He knew her too well and would have managed to get the worms out of her nose. For now, she wouldn't tell him anything.

The next day she received a message: “Hi princess, so you run away from me? Lol. I told you your mom wouldn't want me and seeing your silence since yesterday I guess I was right. But you know it had to happen and I think that you and I have lived a very beautiful story but it's time to come back down to earth! You really made me happy and despite all the love I have for you, we have to stop...”
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