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Amadou, Amadou (18): Is it really over between Amadou and Binta?, by Ladyba

11 October 2020, Ladyba

Amadou and saly had known each other a very long time ago, when he was with Mariétou. It was with her that he discovered the pleasures of the flesh.

Binta: I am serious. If we have a baby we...
Amadou: Wooooohhhhhhhh, what?
Binta: Amadou stop laughing I am serious?
Amadou: Lol that's the problem, you're serious of course. So you, you are really a big capricious girl. When you want something, until you have it, you will not stop?
Binta: These are not whims, Amadou.
Amadou: Ok, just a question, the baby we're going to make… Isn't that what you want? To have a baby?
Binta: Hum, hum…
Amadou: Am I going to feed him with what? And where is he going to sleep? And where are you going to sleep when your parents kick you out? Because that's what they'll do, you know that?
Binta: I love you
Amadou: No but you want me to go to jail.
Binta: So what do you suggest?
Amadou: There are no other solutions apart from parting ways...
Binta: I don't want that.
Amadou: You see? Capricious! Your daddy always gave you everything you wanted as a toy, but I'm not a toy, okay? You hear me? It's NOT because YOU want me that you must have me. What about what I want? It does not count?
Binta: Stop screaming Amadou,
Amadou: you are truly selfish!
Binta: What, me selfish? You're sick! If I was, do you think we would still be here you and me?
Amadou: Look, it's better that we separate. Actually I'm sick of it, your parents don't want me? They think they are better than me? It is my fault, I should never have dated you, I would have to go through this, to be disrespected.
Binta: Amadou don't get on your nerves, you know I hate being yelled at.
Amadou: And I don’t care! Go to hell. I want you and me to end, and don't even try to convince me otherwise, I don't want this relationship anymore. Go find yourself a rich kid.
Binta: Amadou you are getting mean.
Amadou: Pffff…. think what you want. Well I am going to get ready to go to work.
Binta: Shall I drop you off?
Amadou: No, I don’t want to.
Binta: Amadou, don't get angry too. We will find a solution?
Amadou: Binta, I'm done dying. It’s over!

Amadou had been hurt in his self-esteem on several occasions, but now he was fed up. What right did this family have to belittle him? By what right did they believe themselves superior to others? And then their daughter is not the only one on earth. He wasted enough time like that. Now it seems to be over. Should we turn the page and move on. The speaker? Damn, she's crazy Binta!

Binta left home, sad and surprised that Amadou had reacted this way, she had never seen him so angry but she was not done yet, it would be too easy. For years she waited for the man she would love, the one she wanted to wake up with every morning, the one she would feel protected with and now that she found him, well she won't let go; it was that simple. Parents, family, even the whole planet will not be able to make him leave his Amadou.

For about two weeks she was texting Amadou and calling him but he didn't answer and she decided to go to Amadou’s on a Monday. So she put down her afternoon and she sent him a message to tell him that she missed him and that she would come to his place. She had called him but he hadn't picked up.

Binta: “Baby I miss you I don't want us to split up. I will come over to your place around 4 p.m. I called you but you don't pick up.”

Am had seen his messages and calls but had ignored them.

Binta arrived around 4 pm at Amadou’s; the door was ajar. She knocked but no answer. So she entered and Amadou was on his bed, shirtless, with a very beautiful girl. And it looked like they were in the middle of a flirtation, so focused and with the soft music on the radio they hadn't heard the knocking on the door...

Binta: Amadou! (She yelled)

The couple broke away,

Amadou: Binta...
Binta: Amadou how can you do this to me? Amadou I love you so much. (She was holding back her tears so she wouldn't cry in front of this girl…)
Amadou: Binta I didn't do anything to you, I told you that it was over you and me.
The girl: Well Amadou, I'm leaving!
Amadou: No Saly stay, it's not for you to go away.
Binta: Oh I can't believe it.

Amadou then stood up and tried to push Binta outside. Binta threw himself on her, screaming and hitting her. Amadou grabbed her by her wrists. She was screaming and could not hold back her tears when she said this to Amadou: “You are a shit bastard, less than nothing; you were nothing and yet I loved you despite everyone's gaze. Besides, you're a thief and a liar…”

And there Amadou let go and looked her in the eyes. Binta had her tears shining in her eyes and she was angry with herself for having released these words but it was too late:

Amadou: Sorry? I am what?
Binta: you heard me right. You never wanted to tell me why you left Marietou's house.
Amadou: Ah okay… (He understood that Adji, the “witch” had said things and worse Binta believed it since she was giving it to him now…)

He was still looking at Binta and went on: “There is even the spoiled rotten girl to her daddy who followed a piece of shit like me. And you have nothing to do with me now get out, go away and never set foot here again. Get OUT Get OUT I said.”

Binta left without asking for anything else. She knew she had said too much and had lost him for good. He was too proud, too proud to forgive her these hurtful words. But how could he do that to her too? She loves him so much, why? Also how fast? So it must have been going on for a long time, it’s just that he could lie very well. They are ALL THE SAME, ALL THE SAME MEN. No, but how could I have been so stupid, so stupid, it is my fault.

Amadou returned to the bed where Saly had helplessly witnessed this whole scene. He took his head in his hands and whispered.

Amadou: I trusted her and gave her my heart, look what she thinks of me now.
Saly: Don't worry, she was just angry, she didn't mean a word of everything she said.
Amadou: Yes, yes, that's why she only released them to me now.

Amadou and saly had known each other a very long time ago, when he was with Mariétou. It was with her that he discovered the pleasures of the flesh. They formed with Tapha a group of three inseparable friends, they went to the same school and it was at her house that he sometimes ate after Marietou's death. They had lost sight of each other when he left the neighborhood, but one day she had come to eat with one of her boyfriends at the restaurant. And there, she left him her number. With the distance he was trying to put between Binta and himself now, he felt lonely especially as Demba now had a family life and he had called her for a drink and to remember the good old days....
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