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Amadou, Amadou (15): Is it the end or a new beginning for Amadou and Binta?, by Ladyba

22 September 2020, Ladyba

For the next few days, he ignored Binta's calls and her text messages but she still insisted. She knew her working hours and since Amadou was very homey and often came home straight after work, she found him at home most of the time and begged him not to leave her.

“Hi princess, so you run away from me? I told you your mother wouldn't want me and seeing your silence yesterday I guess I was right. But you know it had to happen and I think that you and I have lived a very beautiful story but it's time to come back down to earth! You really made me happy and despite all the love I have for you, we have to stop…”

She immediately dialed the number of Amadou who picked up at the first ring:

Amadou: loooool
Binta: Why are you kidding?
Amadou: Nothing… Why are you calling me? While you've been ignoring me since 8pm yesterday?
Binta: I was busy.
Amadou: Um, um… yes of course,
Binta: Amadou you are leaving me… by texting?
Amadou: Because it is easier by SMS, than face to face,
Binta: I love you and I don't want us to separate.
Amadou: What did your mom tell you yesterday?
Binta: Nothing
Amadou: Bintaaaa…
Binta: She didn't say anything to me, she just wished you could stay longer.
Amadou: You know I hate that you lie to me and you also know that I know you very well. So, for the last time, what did your mother tell you?

Binta had always been a bad liar…

Binta: She wants me to leave you
Amadou: and what else did she say?
Binta: nothing more
Amadou: Holy shit stop lying, what did the witch told her?
Binta: she didn’t go into details babe, she just knows that you were “Talibé”
Amadou: Ok, Well I wish you a lot of happiness you are really a great girl.

Binta started to cry…

Binta: I don't want to leave you/
Amadou: Yes, but in life, we don't always have what we want. Don't worry you'll find another one and you'll be happy.
Binta: Why do you give up so easily?
Amadou: Uhhhh we don't have much choice you know if your parents don't love me, it will be difficult for us and I can love you madly because it's the truth I love you more that everything but your parents are more important so you have to do what they want.
Binta: But it's just my mom, I haven't talked to my dad yet.
Amadou: It's even worse, if you insist and you play a showdown with your mother, we can certainly win but we will never be happy, and YOU will never be fulfilled if your own mother does not support you in your marriage. And believe me I know what it feels like to miss a mom.
Binta: But daddy is very religious, and what will matter is just that you are a true Muslim and religious. Please don't give up, we love each other so much.
Amadou: Binta I'm really tired of always having to fight for everything, I had to fight all my life and I'm really fed up.
Binta: Don't you care about me?
Amadou: Marietou, my biological mother (even if I don't know where she is anymore) and you are the women of my life, and that is forever. You know how I love you. But since God always makes me lose the people I love, so I'm used to that.
Binta: yes, but babe the last few times it wasn't your fault and you couldn't do anything about it, but now you have the means to fight for me.
Amadou: Precisely no, I do not have the means, neither financial nor psychological. Okay, I'll leave you, I have to go to work.
Binta: Ok, bye we'll talk to you later. Kisses I love you.

Amadou didn't answer and hung up. He had made up his mind, he had to get away from this girl or it would hurt even more if he let this relationship continue.

For the next few days, he ignored Binta's calls and her text messages but she still insisted. She knew her working hours and since Amadou was very homey and often came home straight after work, she found him at home most of the time and begged him not to leave her. But Amadou was convinced that this was the only and best solution. For him Binta was just a spoiled, capricious and a very, very, stubborn girl and that it will pass in time.

One Wednesday when he was on break, a number he did not know called him.

Amadou: hello
The voice: Hello is Amadou?
Amadou: Yes.
The voice: Hi Amadou, you will be surprised of my call since we have never been introduced, but I am Nabou, Binta’s sister.
Amadou: Ah Nabou, I was just hearing your name. But we never had the opportunity to see each other. How are you?
Nabou: Yes it's true but hey we will make up for it. Precisely I wanted you to come and eat at home this Saturday. I am celebrating the birthday of my daughter Binta who will be 5 years old.

She had insisted with her husband to give the name of their daughter to her sister, a rare occurrence in Senegal since in general the eldest daughter bore the name of the 1st child or the husband's mother. But Nabou had insisted so much that her husband, who was an adorable guy too, had accepted.

Nabou: It will be my pleasure that you come

Am knew that Binta was behind all of this and he hesitated a bit but thought to himself that it was not okay to refuse an invitation.

Amadou: Ok, problem I'm working this Saturday but I'll come by as soon as I’m done
Nabou: Ok Amadou, thank you very much. I will send you the address by text message and don't hesitate to call me on my number if you can't find the house. Come on I know you're at work so I'll let you keep working. We can talk more when you come, see you on Saturday then.

Amadou: Ok Nabou thank you bye

Am told himself he wouldn't end it so simply with Binta.

On the day of the party, Binta was gorgeous in a black dress with a simple touch of wax, she was playing with the children when Amadou arrived and when she saw her, she ran towards him.

Binta: Baby did you find you way easily? I missed you. Come on let's go to the living room it's quieter

Am blamed himself for having “mistreated” her these last days. It was obvious that she was crazy about him and that she loved him with a pure love without interest, she loved him for himself, for what he was without money without diploma without executive work. He had forced himself to leave her even though he thought about her all the time.

Amadou: Yes princess I found my way easily but Nabou had explained to me well

Binta had been happy to hear that word she did not for three weeks. He avoided her, didn't call her anymore, ignored her calls and texts and when she came to his house, he hardly spoke to her. This word then meant that he still cared about her. She get him in the living room, it was late and the children were in the courtyard and would soon be returning.

Binta: baby wait I'll bring you a drink and I'll call Nabou at the same time.
Amadou: Ok but hey, this is for the little Binta… (He had bought a small present for Binta Junior, a small doll.)
Binta: Ah that's nice baby it wasn't worth it; wait I call her, you give it to her yourself.

She came back with the little one who was so happy.

Binta to the little one: sweetie, let me introduce you Amadou, a friend.
Binta junior held out his hand: Ah auntie, is this your husband?
Binta: Noooo… how dare you (LOL)
Binta: Ah, auntie, I hear all the time you say “Amadou, Amadou…” And the last time when mom called him to invite him to my birthday you were so happy, you jumped everywhere.
Binta: Oh my God, this little one is so, so… (She started laughing)

Am also laughed and handed the gift to the little one

Amadou: Loooool, hold on honey, hope you like it.

She took the wrapped package and immediately tore the wrapping, she smiled when she saw the pretty doll.

Binta Junior: thank you uncle thank you very much, I already adore him… (She jumped on him and gave him kisses…)

Am was very moved by this gesture and still wondered like always how his mother could have abandoned him when he was such an innocent little child. Seeing this party, he had been a little sad that he hadn't celebrated his birthdays with his family but vowed to himself that he would make sure that his children could have all that they need.

Binta junior left them in the living room to go show his new gift to her friends.

Amadou: So, it's true that we always take 7 characters of our namesake, the little one looks too much like you.
Binta: Looool… she exposed me…
Amadou: Of course, I knew it was a plan between you and Nabou, but I admit I wanted to see you too
Binta: Lool, I'm coming I'll bring you back to drink.
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