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Her name was Bijou and to be a jewel, she was. Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (9), by Amlesage

28 June 2021, Amlesage

Operation REVALORIZATION was rather a plan of revenge, it was to allow me to start from zero and regain my esteem a little. I had just suffered failures like I had never known since I became “multi-bachelor.”

But even after that, there was no question of being depressed. No! This attitude is not worthy of a "multi-tenant". So, I had to react.

Nothing should be left to chance and above all, we had to see a super-hot girl with me so that, as usual, I would make the buzz at the level of the comrades.

On the shape side, I already had what was needed, new clothes, new shoes and especially Uncle having gone on a mission, we went out with the car. And with a Fiat Panda 4x4 one did not fail to be noticed.

I had a choice and a thirst for revenge at the same time towards Eva and Adja.
There is nothing more heartwarming than going out with a friend to your ex to have a good fuck. We don't care if she agrees or not, moreover, she never agrees.

If a girl interests me, the first thing I look at about her are her shoes, that's how I recognize, if she's classy or not. Yes, we can dress classy without being. Nowadays everything is accessible to everyone. But the way of wearing his shoes, the approach that we have with them, allows me immediately to situate myself on the girl.

I am telling you all this because I had noticed a girl, in fact, she was a little young, but she was classy, she used to wear very simple sandals or pumps often brand Burberry. It looked after her gait and refined her figure; she could not go unnoticed in my eyes. Her name was Bijou and to be a jewel she was.

Mainly she was a friend of Adja's, I didn't particularly like her, but the idea of going out with her just to upset Adja pleased me. I had to take my revenge after all.

And you remember the restaurant, the big game and the night with Eva Humm, the kind of romantic I was and all. The one who took care of us for the service, she totally disturbed me that girl. I could not do anything. I still managed to slip a note into her hands by paying the bill without Eva noticing it, I told her in the note that I was going to call her if she made a sign to me. When she did, I was too haunted by Eva to dare to call her but this was no longer the case.

I called the girl from the restaurant, her name was Khady, she pretended not to remember me but I knew she was playing it on herself, Jules is not easily forgotten. The next day, we had planned to see each other.
I knew Adja would remember this girl very well. At the restaurant, she had reproached me for having looked at her in a way that she did not like, they even looked askance before I reassured her telling her that I only had views on she (Adja).

Perfect situation for me and I had to call on my vicious mind to make it happen. And for that I knew how to get used to it, I had to bring them both together.

Eva had given me a shirt that I had never worn, that day, I put it on with the perfume she loved so much, she said that this perfume captivated her.

I went to pick up Khady, by car with my cousin (since I didn't know how to drive at that time) and I had warned him that we would go to a party organized by my school. It is an elite school specializing in executive training. Most of the people here already have their jobs and are only there to further their education. So, this is kind of a fancy party.

Khady had dressed for the occasion, she was really "pathiakh", since that day, when I remember her name, I say "THE MOST PATHIAKH".

We arrived at the party and as hoped, there was everyone I wanted to see together, Adja, Eva and even the girl with the beautiful shoes. The dream for me, to give them both a real coup de grace.

I arrived in a suit (with the shirt offered by Eva) with Khady hanging from my arm and hardly I set foot in the room when many turned around. Must say that I broke the rules because we had been warned that it will be fair between us and khady was not ours. But that was the point of the game, to provoke.

We went to the table where Eva was sitting, she was the lonely type and I had to keep her company. No?

I acted as if she had never seen Khady, I made the introductions and immediately her radiant face closed in and at that moment Khady also recognized her and put herself on his guards looking at her with a deadly gaze. I was thrilled with this rotten atmosphere and it must be said that Khady had taken over the clothing side and above all she was with me Jules.

Crossing the room, I saw Adja with her guy's "yambar" playing romantic and all, hugging her but she couldn't help but look at me and the icing on the cake was the girl with the beautiful shoes. on the same table as her.

I abandoned the two "friend-enemies" staring like raging bitches to go to the other end of the room and talk to the girl in the Burberry shoes.

I didn't care if Eva saw me going but khady, I owed her a little respect so, I whispered in her ear, just to annoy Eva even more, that I was going to see a friend.
I got to the girl's table, greeted her, and introduced myself.

-ELLE: I know you, you're Jules, isn't he your boyfriend? (Speaking to Adja).
-ME: Ah so you're friends, you've never introduced me to your friend Adja
-ADJA (face on fire and with a firm tone): If I told you about her, it was Bijou.

She turned to talk to her boyfriend.

-ME: Ah if I remember, it's you Bijou. It's a shame but we're not together anymore (ironically).

We exchanged laughs in five minutes of conversation and she had seduced me because she was so beautiful and her voice so soft. I complimented her on her shoes and she was amazed that I knew so much about it, we had just found a topic that interested her but I was still not going to unpack everything I knew in a conversation and no longer have to say if we see each other again. So I cut the conversation short and took his number.

There I broke one of my golden rules, never flirt with a girl during a party, evening etc. If you do, most of the time you take a very cold shower. At the moment, they are dressed well, feeling beautiful and sexy. They have great self-esteem and feel too confident, if you decide to attack at this point, you will have to call on all your talents as a speaker and a born flirt.

This time, it was more to provoke than to flirt, no matter whether she spoke correctly or not, I had scored my shot since Adja kept turning around to see what we were up to.

I went back to the other table and found the others silent and my cousin trying to make conversation, I felt sorry for him because each one wanted him to speak to her alone.

Well me on my side, I only spoke with Khady and with Eva from time to time just to fuck me out of her mouth, I said to her words like "you came all alone", "show me where hides your rider ". She's the one who wanted us to be friends, right? So I was making conversation like her friend and with Khady, I would whisper sweet words and she would smile.

We ate and the ambient things were about to start, dancing and fun and everything that was old and old with their boring speeches was going to quit, it was about time. It started with soft music and naturally it was with khady that I danced. After this dance, I gave it to my cousin and I went to join Bijou, the girl in Burberry shoes. She danced really well, correct and classy. I spent almost the rest of the evening in the other end of the room, without the others seeing us before the music suddenly cut off and a crowd formed, two girls were in the process of pulling his hair and the shots were everywhere. "They ruined the evening for us", I said to myself, when I saw my cousin in the middle of them separating them and that I recognized Eva and Khady and the latter had taken over. It's always rewarding to see two girls fight but there I was in heaven because I had succeeded my blow, to make Eva as low as possible so that she comes down from her cloud and that she understands that she is like all the others and that when Jules wants something, he ALWAYS gets there.

I had won my bet; Eva had got what she deserved and Adja was going to pay the price for the next few days because I decide to continue the story with Bijou ... Operation revenge continues.
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