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“I hadn't looked at anyone but everyone was looking at me...” Chronicle of a “Multi-Bachelor” (5), by Amlesage

23 May 2021, Amlesage

“Modesty is for the weak,” that phrase is from Uncle. One day he called me and said never underestimate yourself in front of anyone, we are of noble blood. According to uncle, a man should never underestimate his abilities, he finds that stupid. At the same time, he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to be in business like him. I must say that I wanted to look like him now. He told me, okay but first I have to put you in a good school. For him out of the question that I go to those schools he qualified as “rotten.”

In fact before I came to live there, my cousin was just hanging out, sleeping, eating, undressing, and with girls. It was I who convinced him to go back to school with me and Uncle was very happy and put us in the best possible conditions.

He said “I got the money and it would be stupid to live a tight-fisted life, I want you (my cousin and I) to be among the elite of tomorrow and for that you will have the best education in the country.”

I have no idea how much we paid but we went to one of these prestigious schools in the capital.

My first day of class, I arrive relaxed, all I see is that when it comes to tunes, I didn't have enough to fart because everywhere there were quite wealthy people, girls full of fuss, that's what I noticed from the start… I had an advantage anyway, a pretty face.

No actually what I noticed first was Fatima walking through the front door right in front of me without even looking at me. I understood her, I had hurt her.

So I don't call out to her, I rush straight into a hallway without knowing where I was going; I just wanted to avoid her.

Everyone looked at me like the foreigner I was, and above all I had a good time on occasion, clean in myself and above all with class. I owe this to the first woman of my heart, my “mum” who always raised me like a prince that uncle was turning into a scum. We had a game between my mother and I, she said “why do you have to treat all women like princesses?” I replied “because I am brought up by a queen;” she would reply “and who is this queen” and for me to reply “you are this queen.”

Mother was right, but her method brought only mockery and marginalization. When I treated women like queens, they treated me like a loser; that lower social class guy who acts like a slave.

But with Uncle's method it's the other way around, I act like a bastard, they treat me like a prince better like a king. It is effective, much more even.

Why should I change then? Even at school I will behave like this. I didn't know anyone but I knew where I was going now.

I arrived right in front of a room, there was a girl in front of the door, everything else was inside, walked past her, giving her a little hello and without even looking at her and went straight to sit...

I hadn't looked at anyone but everyone was looking at me, well all the girls and men looked down on me, I think. Too bad for them, I was not there to make friends. The teacher came over and introduced me to the whole class.

- The teacher: Well, let me introduce you to Jules, he's new and I'm counting on you to integrate him...
- A girl: Where is he from?
- The teacher: Adja, you can ask him the question after class.

It was the girl I had passed in front of the door, not particularly beautiful but very charming. Since she wanted to know, at the end of class, I walked over to her with my smirk.

- Her: ah you want to answer my question.
- Me: Yes, but not here, let's walk together and we can get to know each other.

Like that, we talked all the way, about everything and nothing... Like that for days we got closer... And during that time I was going out with Sosso, in secret. Well! Okay, two isn't a lot, I thought to myself.

With Adja everything happened on its own without her setting any conditions and I didn't like it at all. There wasn't even suspense; on day one she had shown me that she liked me. Okay, I'm certainly charming but without the flirtatious game I was disappointed but I couldn't back down and at that precise moment I was already thinking of a way out. I like women who know how to be seduced, how to be desired.

A week later I was starting to get interested. And in an hour and worse it was in the same class. A girl I hadn't noticed because I was always being picky, I cultivated the mystery. Never reveal yourself in front of women, experience has taught me. So I didn't say hello to anyone, put on my headphones during the break and skip the guys. But this girl, the day I looked at her, I was stunned, my eyes wide open, my mouth agape, she was so beautiful.

It was her father who dropped her at school and brought her back and she had a boyfriend in the class that I didn't even know. And all this information, I got it intelligently thanks to Adja. She didn't know what I was up to. She ignored me outright; she even snubbed me, the sprinkler watered. I was looking for any means to approach him but his boyfriend was a real pot of glue. One day, while I was looking at her discreetly, an ingenious idea occurred to me: I had to make my mark, I went towards her and I made a slight push on purpose and to apologize kindly always the smirk. A pretty one is “the key to opening many hearts” but mine has turned into a goofy smile from his reaction.

She replied “look where you are going” with a soft voice that let speak all her arrogance. I was flabbergasted but happy with myself.

There I hold her by the hand and tell her “but that's not how we talk to Jules, I apologized; now it's over.” She said to me “get your hand of me… He is saying Jules…”

We left each other that way but at least I was able to get her attention because the worst thing that can happen to a man is when the woman he is interested in feels utter indifference to him...

I'm okay with a girl hating me, in which case I at least know she has a feeling for me, hate and I know she cares for me. But when she doesn't even notice you when you walk by, you're good to be forgotten.

So I was right to provoke her and I wasn't going to stop because the next day I went up to her, there was someone she was talking to, I figured it was her boyfriend. I say hello and say “I'm sorry I pushed you around but if you talk to me like you did yesterday, we’ll have a serious blemish.” She gets up with her boyfriend to answer; I turn my back and don't even listen to them.

So I knew she would do anything to answer me, she would come to me, which happened the day after. I was in my corner and I see her coming towards me, a wow walk, I was in love but now was not the time to point it out to her. She arrives and says to me “You, who do you think you are, to jostle me and talk as you want in front of my boyfriend,” she was talking loudly and I didn't want us to be seen arguing but she would not stop, I had provoked a bigger mouth than me. A crowd of curious people gathered around. In a school known for its calm and good education, the same day the administration knew, someone had informed her parents! What a disaster, I got stuck again.

We had called Uncle too who didn't really care, only he knew the mother of this girl. From what I could hear, they even had a little story. So the problem was quickly resolved. I took full advantage of this to reconcile myself and put my plan to seduce properly into execution because Uncle had invited them to the house to make us forgive, it must be said that everyone pointed out to me as the culprit in this story.

They (her and her mother) were to spend the following weekend. In the meantime, we greeted each other timidly. Then I thought I'll go faster by going to apologize, which I did. Her boyfriend was amazed to see us talking and even laughing in a friendly tone.

We scheduled an appointment for the coming weekend. It was two girlfriends, which had become almost normal and she was sure to be the third. The weekend meeting is going to change our bond, some unusual things will happen and it is not just her and me but also her mother and uncle.

The story gets complicated...
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