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It was Adja herself who felt guilty and obliged to explain to me the relationship she has with the guy. Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (8), by Amlesage

23 June 2021, Amlesage

The only valid truth is what I think about it all. And I love my situation. I devote a certain cult to Don Juan. “I have said it twenty times, I have a natural inclination to indulge in whatever attracts me (…) For me, beauty delights me wherever I find it; and I easily give in to this gentle violence with which it draws us. No matter how committed I am, the love I have for a beauty does not commit my soul to doing injustice to others ". These words can only come out of the mind of a genius; a genius certainly, but a stupid genius, stupid enough to tackle harder than him. I know my limits. At the moment, I don't have any.

Eva on the other hand thought she was different from the others, she thought she could do with me, whatever she wanted, she had a special plan for me. Drop down to help get up. After all, you can't make omelets without breaking some eggs. We will come back to that later.

It's been fifteen days that I had no other occupation except trying to seduce Eva and convince her to give me my chance.

And during that time I didn't even realize that I was losing Adja.

One fine day, I thought I saw him arm in arm with another guy; I was so sure of myself that I didn't care. I continued my journey quietly, it must have been 10 o'clock, I went to do my lesson and on the way down I wanted to see her to tell her that I missed her. And I saw the same scene that I had seen two hours earlier. A weird guy with a weird hairstyle, weird sneakers, sunglasses in the middle of winter, the kind of jester who makes you laughs.

I would have liked the guy to be like that but it was quite the opposite, he was a guy who can be described as TOP CLASS, well dressed, clean on himself, the kind of "new guy from the suburbs. , half scum, half gay ”and in addition Adja clung to him like a leech.

This guy was ALMOST AS PERFECT AS ME, although it's hard for me to admit it.

Some will say, what is narcissistic and you won't be the first to say it. I adore myself, I say it without complex. Among all the men on earth, I prefer myself. When I look at myself in my mirror, I am amazed and just want to click the "like" button.

One day a girl told me that she liked me but that she would love me even more if I were a little more modest. I answered her "then you will never love me as you would like because MODESTY IS FOR THE WEAKNESS", the famous sentence of Uncle and since she does not speak to me anymore, too bad she, she will not have her luck.

To come back to this sheep, oops sorry to this guy, he had just given me a real slap. Love really boomerangs everything you do will come back to you. It was a real slap for me. Paffffff!

But as soon as she saw me coming towards them, Adja jumped up as if she had seen death rush at her and walked away from the guy a good half a meter. At least I had this to regain some of my pride.

I said hello to them both and the dude suddenly left.

But there, too, as they walked away, they threw a certain glance at each other, the kind that says a lot, there I understood that I was in danger, that it was almost over and that I was perhaps wasting my time want to explain my distance for the last few days.

But, it was Adja herself who felt guilty and obliged to explain to me the relationship she has with the guy. To tell the truth, that hardly interested me.

If this situation affected me, it wasn't because I was madly in love with Adja, after all, she was way over my normal time; but because I was hurt deep inside my deepest self. In general, it is me who dumps, to make me sting his girlfriend, I could not digest and that is what was about to happen to me.

Considering his talk and the inconsistency of his reasoning, I understood that something was or was going to happen between them, it hurt too much.

After all, it's me JULES. I who, as the Chinese grandfather said there, I do not show myself, I shine. I do not impose myself, I am noticed, I do not brag, I am given merits. I don't push myself, I progress. I'm an Ace of Spades; it takes more than a King to beat me.

Me JULES I was going to get stung my girlfriend.

It was inevitable even if Adja went to great lengths to reassure me. I knew deep down that she would eventually give in, I learned to read and understand the slightest gesture of women and all they have to do is say a word, make a gesture that I generally understand what is going on.

We parted, with Adja on that sad air where she had gone to great lengths to convince me in vain.

And the worst, in the evening, I had to go see Eva to tell me what she had decided.

I'm not superstitious but usually when I start my day like this it ends like that, only with nasty surprises.

When I went to see Eva, my morale was down, my pride crushed and my hopes dashed. But I was hoping a little bit with her because after all I had made it big for her. Hope gives life!

I found her at her place and as usual, she was sublime. My heart was racing and for the second time this happened to me in my whole life (the first time it was with Fatima).

She wanted to chat but I wasn't in the mood for a chat, I just wanted her to tell me what she had decided. But she persisted in playing nice to me, more than usual; I understood that it was a bad sign. Why would you want to be nice that day? This is a bad sign.

I don't remember her argument anymore, I just remember that she had NO I CANNOT GO OUT WITH YOU, she had just showered me; I was static unable to pronounce a single word. Inwardly I said "it's okay, shut up, I don't want to hear anything anymore".

And to top it off, she wanted to suggest that I remain friends, then I laughed and it surprised her. I laughed because I knew the answer I was going to give her was going to disappoint her too.

From what I understood, she didn't want me as a boyfriend but she wanted to keep me under her hooks. This is typical of women, they don't want to date you or let you go.

Ah WOMEN! Sorry my little one, it doesn't work with me! As soon as she takes this path I slow her down. I tell him in milder terms that I couldn't either. Still, I had to remain the gentleman that I am. Basically, I wanted to tell him "what do I do with your friendship".

They don't do it to me.

With that, I left. Uncle once said to me, “Be dignified even in defeat, with us, we keep our heads high no matter what alpha.” No time to complain about my fate, I had to bounce back.

Operation revaluation which was to begin the next day; For that evening, I had to go see Sosso, the one who never betrays me, I only have her left. We feel good together and we enjoy the moments we spend together. I had to pull my shot again!
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