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Me and women, it's a never-ending story. Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (14), by Amlesage

23 August 2021, Amlesage
Me and women, it's a never-ending story. Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (14)

Her, it's Mai it's all about, now that she's gone, I realize that she is the reason for the inner loneliness I experience. Yet it was so obvious.

She was so close to me, she knew everything about me, she knew all the women I dated, and she gave me advice. In the morning, she would wake me up with a cup of coffee in her hand and she would try herself close to me to chat and ask me how I had spent my night. We told each other about our nights and we had a good laugh together. She was watching me drink my coffee smiling and when I asked her why she was smiling like that, she would answer "iow da nga ma diakhal rek" (You intrigue me / you amaze me). She pulled me by the hand and said to me "go get up, go take a shower, neubeul kate bi".

And me, stupid that I am, I did not realize anything. Disaster!

She was really a brave girl, she had character, had ambition even if the means weren't enough. I read in his eyes a passionate determination, a desire to succeed. I perceived in her serenity and assurance, and above all a pure sincerity emanating from the depths of my heart. She could make any man dream.

When sometimes I wanted to help her financially, she categorically refused, she expected nothing from anyone.

On top of that, Mai was a beautiful woman, sheer elegance. She had a lot of elegance. As well in the gesture as in the voice.

She was the one taking care of me yet I was two years older than her.

When I woke up that day too, she still wasn't there; no one had come to bring me my coffee. I was starting to miss the sound of his footsteps coming up the stairs to my room. I then went downstairs to see if she was in the kitchen. Still nothing, worse, it's another one I found.

"You must be Jules, Uncle said…" I didn't even let him finish his sentence. "Bouffonne" I hated her already. Surely a "ndèye" or "Fatou" coming from me do not know where. This type who, loincloth worn down to the navel, dressed in their "ndokette" with an exaggerated degree of ugliness, makes you want to go back to bed when you get up in the morning and you run into her. I'm angry with herself if she hasn't done anything.

No sooner have I turned my back on him than my phone rings for the third time, without me picking up. It was Eva for the first call and Fatima for the other two. This time I answered and it was Fatima, she wanted to know why, I hadn't come to class. Does she think she is my mother or what? "I have other things to do," was my answer and I cut it off. Then it was Bijou's turn to send me a 'we need to talk' message. My answer "we have nothing to say". That she be careful if she doesn't want to end up like Mata Hari this girl. As for Eva, I didn't even take the time to answer her. What the hell they all have to nag me on such a fine morning. I already had them all at my feet, I didn't need them anymore. I wasn't in the mood to listen to their bullshit. It’s only to Sosso that I am kind in any circumstance.

I went to see Al, to ask him about Mai. He replied that he didn't know anything about it and that I had to ask Uncle.

Al was lying; he was the source of it all. Shortly after, I discovered the whole truth. I did my investigation and found out. I cooked him well and deep down he was afraid of me, of my reactions. I am impulsive.

He had noticed that I had come closer to Mai, he had noticed the little game of seduction that there was between us. Even he knew we loved each other.

I remember that one day, he surprised us talking, we were laughing… When Al entered the living room, he asked Mai to come out with such firmness that I thought she had done it to him. Something. Al said to me that day "stop playing with that girl".

But I thought he was just in a bad mood, so I ignored his words.

Al knew everything, had noticed everything. And ever since I told him that I had slept with Mai, he had done everything to get her away from me. He had offered her money so that she wouldn't talk to me again but she hadn't, so Al asked Uncle to fire her without me knowing.

Al was not from the same background as her, so there was no way I was going to bond with her.

What he didn't know was that I had taken his virginity from him, I was his first. And since then our bonds have grown stronger and it has brought us closer than usual.

When I went to ask Uncle, the only answer he gave me was that Mai no longer worked there and he didn't know where she lived. I was convinced of the contrary. I knew it had been recommended to him by a friend of his.

I went to see this friend and told her that Mai had left some things at home and that I had to return them to her. So I subtly got her address and went to see her.

She laughed when she saw me coming and said "I knew you would come". I had tears in my eyes because she lived in a really modest environment but she was so proud. I stayed at her house to chat; her lovely mother brought us a drink. Mai had only said good things about me.

Her grandmother looked at us and for a moment and said a few words in their language as she addressed me. When I asked, Mai didn't want to tell me but when the old woman started talking; the mother immediately interrupted her suggesting that she was not saying anything good about me. She just explained to me that her grandmother saw things for the future. With that, I laughed. I, who was brought up in pure rationalism, could only find that funny. I didn't pay attention and asked Mai why, she didn't come to work anymore.

-ELLE: No, it's okay; it's just that I don't see doing this job all my life.
-ME: Oh good! Is that just it? That's why you didn't even warn me.
I knew she was hiding the truth so I insisted.
-ELLE: Okay, it was Uncle who said I was diverting you from your priorities.

On these words, I found nothing to add. How could Uncle do this to me? How is he capable of it? What if Mai was lying to me? No, isn't she the type? I didn't know what to think, so I changed the subject.

Laughing, I told him, I thought you were blistered. She said "kouff mala" (damn you). We laughed and forgot, but I still hadn't forgotten what her grandmother had said. What I still couldn't forget was her sister's butt. His sister has one of her ass, frankly, that’s being abused. And she was walking past me on purpose because she knew I was over her. Apparently between the two sisters, it is not the perfect understanding. Mai kept telling me "stop looking at my sister's butt." And I said to her "tell me what your grandmother said about me then". She got tired of it and said "Okay! I hate you. She said that you were man to woman, that I will be your only wife and not the only woman in your life”.

Why did the old woman say that? She didn't know me. Was she right? At the moment, I wasn't thinking about it so much, Mai's sister's ass was bothering me. I fantasized too much about her to think of the reflections of an old serer who has little left to live for. I had life ahead of me and also this growing desire that I couldn't control. Was it unhealthy to want two sisters? Yes of course, but it's still a challenge for me.

The old woman might be right, so I didn't have to pressure myself for that. Until then I have one of the sisters, the other will have to wait, you never know.

Right now, I needed to introduce Maï to mother to see her reaction and most of all I needed to get her out of their house, I wanted her too much.

A few minutes later, we were at mother's house. So much the better, she was out. We went to my old room, nothing has changed. The TV, the bed, my books, my poster behind which I had put my condoms because mother had been rummaging everywhere since the day she saw one in my jeans pocket. Nothing had changed.

We barely entered the bedroom when she threw herself on me; she's more horny than me. Me, I was on fire, I had never wanted a girl like this, and it did not come only from her but also from her sister's buttocks. I loved Mai, that was a fact, now I didn't even doubt it, but I'm not the man to stay with one woman.

Mother's voice had pierced the walls of the house, her soft voice from outside reached me in my room. Fortunately, we had finished our papillonnages. She was glad to see me but she said "I knew you would come back". I told him about me, Mai, his situation and everything. For the first one, I had just introduced her to a girl, so she was happy.

After Mai left, I rested my head on her thighs and so I confided in her. Ever since I was little, it's always been that way. I explained to her what the old lady had said, she burst out laughing. Mother is a researcher for medicine, it was impossible for her to believe in this kind of thing. But, it looks like she wasn't surprised and explained to me in a purely scientific setting the why of all this. She had noticed that since I was little girls were always circling around me (so it wasn't just about my candies, my cookies), scientist that she is, she tried to find out why things were going on.

Between the old lady's version and the one mother is going to give me, I no longer knew where to stand. One thing is certain; my story with Maï will not be as easy as I thought it would be because, as my mother explained to me, me and the women, it is a never-ending story.
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