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The monster of my life, episode 1., by Abysow

15 November 2021, Abysow

Awa was none other than her cousin, the daughter of her uncle Amdy, a wealthy trader in Dakar. Awa was very beautiful, sweet and intelligent, she looked like a good wife.

At 23 years old already she worked in a big company of a friend of her father, this one admired her for her courage which she inherited from her mother but also for her great determination and motivation that he could not manage anymore. to find lazy young people in this society. Amadou had decided to marry his dear cousin to satisfy his father but not out of love, Awa either was not in love with Tinder but with her younger brother El Hadj, yes Awa and El Hadj had been in love since adolescence put their relationship was so discreet that no member of the family ever suspected anything, their love was so pure that despite the distance they still loved each other, as El Hadj had recently been working in Uncle Sam's country after having finished his studies, saying that they had planned to unite when he returned in 2 years, now fate had decided otherwise, as we say man proposes and God disposes.

Life had resumed its course and Awa was more and more unhappy, she just wanted to wake up from this bad nightmare, while the preparations were progressing even more, the 2 families were delighted to unite their children without problem because Awa accepted this marriage so as not to hurt her parents and perhaps hoped that she will come to love her husband and do her duty to him. Finally, the long awaited day had arrived, Awa was dressed in a very beautiful dress in rich Bazin of white color, she was magnificent, a real princess, pity that she was going to belong to this demon, she was going that even badly she dreamed of this day like all girls elsewhere but only she hoped to marry a man she would have chosen and loved like El Hadj and now her brother takes his place my god she was really desperate. Her mother was happily married to her only daughter and had spent a lot for this day, she had a lot on the new life that awaited her; now she should be a woman in the truest sense of the word.

She now had a home to manage, to take care of her husband, her children and her in-laws, it was really a heavy burden that awaits her. At 5 o'clock she was united before God for better or for worse, the men had returned from the mosque and her husband was congratulating her before taking his leave. The party was in full swing, it was really successful the family had wasted a lot like most in this Senegalese society, the house was starting to empty out of its world, she had to get ready to go to her new home when a text message startled her c 'was El Hadj and said: "Congratulations, Awa I wish you all the happiness in the world because you really deserve it, I regret today that we have not revealed our love to the family, I think that would have avoided us all this today. My brother wouldn't have taken my place today. But know that I love you and you are the only one to whom my heart belongs. Signed El Hadj. ". This sms upset her because she was as in love as El Hadj but she had to forget it for her own good. The time to leave had finally arrived, her mother and her aunts had advised her a lot, now she would have left the house where she grew up and she was aware that the paternal house no longer belonged to her, she had cried a lot, but it is our us girls we are called to leave this house sooner or later we are homeless in a way, after all the traditional rituals Awa was in the car with her 2 cousins and a few aisles followed by 4 other cars in the direction Amadou's house where he was waiting for them. Awa was now in the mouth of the wolf it is from this moment that her life will be hell.
……………… ..

So, how do you find this first part. Make me part of your point of view. By the way, the posts will not be regular as you know. I am already preparing for the bac. Kisses
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