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“There I knew this girl was not sane.” Chronicle of a “multi-bachelor” (6), by Amlesage

10 June 2021, Amlesage

On Saturday, I got up early, took my bath. I had gone chic and simple so as not to overdo it. I admit that my stomach was in a knot because no girl had troubled me like Eva knew how to do. I didn't tell you her name was that.

You could tell she was interested in me but in a selfless way and it made me want to find out.

Eva arrived home, it was ten forty-three, I remember that well because as soon as I heard a car pull up I looked at my watch.

They arrived both smiling and beautiful. Eva was listening to music loudly. We just smiled at each other, but with a knowing smile.

Uncle came downstairs; we were waiting for them to have breakfast. After we had eaten, we went up to my room and his mother and Uncle stayed in the living room remembering their good times when they were younger, and we were embarrassed to hear all their bullshit, very shady stuff.

We went up to my room and lay down to chat but didn't have much to say to each other. So me, as usual, I led the debates. She was deeply into the discussion; she knew it almost as much as I did. She told me about her most secret desires.

But, I still didn't dare get close to her, she really impressed me. But, I found an excuse to get out of the room, I went to get some juice from the fridge and when it came back I sat down next to her waiting for any sign to take action.

With a threatening look, I felt she was warning me, so I held on tight.
I looked at her and more and more, I liked this girl.

Suddenly I took these words out of my mouth, I think I said "you are beautiful" to her. But she replied "stop your spiel, I know your type"

I have a knack for turning this kind of situation in my favor.

I tell her “I know that I was not at all very correct with you, the truth is that I don't know how to deal with you, you really impress me Eva, you are all beautiful, you have everything you need to crack any guy and you drive them crazy; I know it's not an excuse but here you are driving me crazy.”

There was a moment of silence, she didn't say anything for almost a minute and said "it's just that I wasn't expecting it, I believed you like the others".

“I am like the others, I am even worse” I said to myself in my heart.

I knew he didn't mind it; I took his hand, just to play it serious and romantic. Her eyes were shining; there she had let her guard down in front of a predator like me. She was at my mercy.

She smiled at me and said "you'll have to do a lot more than that if you want me to be yours, besides I don't trust you"

Heuuuu, I did not know what to answer him, a silence is installed and luckily that the maid entered to get me out of this white moment. It was time for lunch. Neither of us wanted to come down but we had to, the parents were waiting for us. We went down to eat and we stayed there with everyone. We talked, the parents talked with us so that our argument at school would not happen again. I didn't understand what they were saying, in my head I was still thinking about the last moments I had just spent with Eva. Her mother used to say “Ki sa Djiguène la yako wara topato” (it's your sister, it's up to you to watch over her). I answered “yes yes”.

As soon as they were done we went back upstairs and I started asking her out on a date, she was stronger than me, she had won my mind and my heart. She was adamant because she knew I was dating Adja but didn't know anything about Sosso.

So I already had two and wanted her to be the third.

Sosso, myself, I sometimes forget. It had been a while since we last saw each other. She had decided to surprise me, to come to my house the same day.

I was with Eva making my love when Maï the maid knocked on the door, she asks me to come, I almost insulted her because I was in full swing to convince Eva. But, I got up and she explained to me that Sosso is in the house.

“What?” She told me that she had been there almost ten minutes and that she had taken him up to my cousin's room on the other side of the house. She had had that intelligence.

I went to see her, she was discussing everything and nothing with my cousin. I came, took her in my arms and stayed with her. In time I forgot about Eva who was in the other bedroom, who after waiting a few minutes came down to the living room to ask for me and Uncle pointed to my cousin's room.

This time, no one was there to warn me, she walks into the bedroom and finds Sosso lying on top of me. Eva, with all the class I know her, greeted him and said "so while I was waiting for you up there, you were there". I did not know what to say so I told him "yet I got up there to come and get you". She sits down and we chat about life stuff but Sosso kept putting his hand under my shirt and it bothered me so much but I couldn't ask her to stop. And Eva even was fed up; she got up to go to the living room to watch TV.

Still a bad surprise for her, her mother and Uncle were there physically remembering their good old days. Horrible! Uncle, I think I inherited his genes.

What a bad day for her!

She came back crying, I ask her what was going on, she didn't say anything, she was still crying. I took her to my room and she said "you are all the same in your family" I went out to see, what I saw, I will never repeat it in front of anyone, I was proud of Uncle but it was not cool to do that to me!

I went upstairs to console Eva and asked Sosso to come in because I had to help Eva with an assignment. Sosso left furious but I didn't really care.

I asked Eva to calm down and gave her my shoulder to console herself.

She thanked me for all of this and it brought us closer together. She stayed in my room for a long time and we just talked and laughed without sleeping. She asks me a lot of questions about my love life, about Sosso, she made me understand that she was not the type I knew until now, she was interested in me but for her it was out no question of going out with me because I was not trustworthy.

I beg her to give me my chance. She offered me one thing.

There I knew this girl was not sane.

She tells me "if you want, I'll give you two weeks, we'll go out for two weeks so you can prove to me that you're worthy of me!" If at the end of these quiz days, I am satisfied, we continue! Otherwise, not only do we break but we no longer speak to each other, I laugh at you with my life. Are you ready to take this risk?”

“Heuuuuu” I'm a man of challenge, me and what she doesn't know is that when I don't get what I want, I want it more.

Of course I accepted his offer.

These two weeks will be some of the most exciting of my life. Where I'm going to release the big game, the big game for the first time, just for her.
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