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Bye bye Lydia the gold digger, hello Panda the fairy... Maze (9), by N47

05 February 2021, N47

We stayed there chatting but in the back of my mind, there was still Penda. The next day I told myself my boy, your romantic relationships are a disaster.

Me: Ok tell her to call me as soon as she is settled.
My Friend: No problem, I will. You are a love.

After this discussion, I stayed two weeks without receiving her phone call. I thought so much that was better because right now I really don't have the mind to babysit. A month had passed and I admit it had completely gone out of my mind. While browsing my phone one day I saw her number and in the action I called her.

Me: Hello Penda?
Penda: To whom do I owe this honor?
Me: Malick, Oumy's friend. There was talk about you calling me as soon as you were settled in and as I had no news I decided to call you to see if everything was okay.
Penda: Yes it is ok; in fact what happened is that I discovered that I had parents here so the move was done without a problem so I did not consider it necessary to bother you.
Me: I see but you could text me to let me know at least as a courtesy, because I was waiting for your call.
Penda: you're right, I am sorry. (She replied in a slightly embarrassed voice.)
Me: Can we meet?
Penda: Of course, not problem. When?

In fact, I am someone who says what he thinks and believe me this attitude caused me a lot of problems especially on a professional level with my superiors but I did not care because it is a principle with me if I don't do it I won't be at peace and blame myself for weeks. Only the truth matters to me, after that we can negotiate. This is I work in these kinds of cases.

Me: say next Thursday?
Penda: I have class but I will be done at 5 p.m. Can we go for Thursday and where do we meet?
Me: I will come to your place
Penda: Uh no I don’t prefer, I just arrived I don’t want to invite a man over to the house.
Me: I understand and this is a responsible attitude. We'll meet at a friend's house in Mermoz, it's closer to you. I'll show you the way.

Many would think I was doing this to hook the lady up. And yet no, I had no hidden intension and hadn't planned anything. However, there are sometimes forces that prompt us to act that are beyond our comprehension. My only intention was to let her know that if needed I am here. I had apprehensions about her. Throughout our discussion she was rolling R's, borrowing an accent that was not at all natural to her. I never liked it in men or women when they try to be someone there are not.

Thursday arrived and we were at Yann's place as usual, having tea with endless discussions. There was Tapha, Zale, Igor, Yann and myself that day. I got a call from Penda.

Penda: Hello Malick, I'm at there.
Me: ok don't move, I'll be there in two minutes.

I'm not telling you the blow my eyes took on seeing her for the first time. She had an angelic figure. A little fair complexion, average height, her hips were beautifully put together. She had a perfect face, everything in its place. Her eyes resembled those of a lynx, her nose was very thin like those of women in the days of the pharaohs, her thin mouth with delicious lips that jealously enveloped such a beautiful smile. She was so natural beauty, so pure. Puff… she was just perfect! I came out of my contemplation...

Me: Heuu… Penda I presume?
Penda: Herself.
Me: Nice to meet you, you haven't waited too long, I hope?
Penda: Me too, no you didn't last at all.
Me: perfect, let's go then and excuse me for the circumstances, I'm at a friend's house having tea. In fact, it was here that suited you best because my home is a bit far.

My gang was made of real “Baye Fall,” when we weren't at work we were together. There were workers, students, young executives; a real mix. We grew up together, we took different paths, but we remained the same group as when we were 13 years old.

Penda: Hello,

They opened their eyes like demons at the sight of the “fresh meat” when they saw Penda walk in with me.

Them: Hello

Everyone was saying to Penda “come and sit next to me”….

Me: (Laughing) But you're drooling there, take it easy. Hey guys set the SEN beats, what is this.

Defiantly Penda said to me…

Penda: Oh no, don't get tired, let the music continue….

I made the introduction, Penda sat down next to me. There was a small bowl where we had mixed the raw peanuts (Kémb) and roasted peanuts (Tiaff). We were all surprised when she asked for it to be passed to her, without embarrassment, without being shy, she helped herself and asked Yann who was at the “barada”, “Is the tea ready yet.” We looked at my friends and I, we were all seduced. If it was Miss “Tchipp,” (artificial woman) she was going to serve you “no mercies” and would even be disgusted by the mixture. She was from afar but then far away the type of woman I thought she was. I judged her without knowing her, and I have promised myself since that day not to pass judgment on someone I do not know and I think that is the biggest mistake of the Senegalese people. We always think we are better than others, without hesitation we expose their so-called flaws without realizing that what we are doing is a flaw in us.

For a good half hour, we stood there chatting, I retired from the discussion and I listen to them, not listen to her and watch her. I was just dazzled. It's as if she has known everyone for a long time, never have I seen such a quick integration and I was not the only one who was seduced, my friends were too. I remember saying to myself “I don't know if she's playing a role or she's really like that but this is the one for me.” It’s rare to see such great beauty, being so simple and I loved that.

It was 8:00 p.m., so she decided to go home because it was getting dark and by mutual agreement my friends chorused a “hoo” stay a little more. As she had explained to me, I wanted her to go because it was getting really dark.

Me: Come, let me take you home.

We left the guys there and I knew the topic for the rest of the evening would be: PENDA.

Along the way we chatted a bit about her and I.

Me: I hope you weren't shocked by my guys, I'm sorry, they can be so tiring.
Penda: Not at all, your friends are interesting and funny and I felt comfortable because at home it's the same atmosphere, I have only one sister who lives with my grandmother and all the rest are boys.

I said to myself, well, that explains a lot of things.

Me: How's it going at the university?
Penda: It’s not easy for a girl to leave the parental nest, it’s always difficult but for the moment it’s going well and I like the branch that I am at. So, it’s fine, we manage.
Me: I understand and that's good, I like your way of seeing things, good luck. In fact I wanted to tell you that I am here if you need anything especially do not hesitate.
Penda: I take note, thank you.
Me: Well, I hope we will meet again soon bye.

So I took leave of her and went to meet my friends. Once back at Yann's, the guys rushed towards me. Seriously, my guys they are good but, they love women too much. Yann loves women but does not abuse them; Tapha and Zale love women but are not daring enough to get women. And Igor, Igor don't even talk about it, there is no question that I don't even give him my dog, he was dangerous, not like a slayer but like a gunslinger, he shoots at anything that wears a loincloth. So they rushed to me with countless questions….

Me: Hooooo! I don’t know what you guys planning. But if anyone of your touch her, I am gonna castrate him (LOL).

The idiots… They laughed at me and said: “LOL dude, get back on your saddle...”

We stayed there chatting but in the back of my mind, there was still Penda. The next day I told myself my boy, your romantic relationships are a disaster. You saw a beauty, you liked her and that's it. I tried to convince myself not to conquer her, because somewhere I was afraid of another disappointment. So I opened up to a friend who I think could be a great father to me, Laye from France, his name was. He taught me a lot, especially patience and the interpretation of signs.
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