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“He was a liar... What to do with this love?” (1), by Qtions

02 March 2021, Qtions

“I am going to tell you a story that I lived and that is really close to my heart. I met a man that I will never forget in this life; he is the man of life. We will name him M.”

“Good morning all…

It all started on Facebook, I started to like his photos and I was more of the shy and beautiful type. So it was a good way to make friends. One thing led to another, we sympathized and one day he asked me for my number while notifying that it was without ulterior motive. So I was really happy that someone came to ask me to be his friend, it gave me a certain feeling of joy that I could not explain.

The first day he called me, I will never forget him, I was at the market, and he had a voice full of charisma and confidence. I LOVED it! I waited for him to give me a sign again. Every day we got to know each other a little better, we texted each other, we called each other the night before sleeping and what had me the most pleased in him was the attention he paid to me. He would wake me up in the morning to tell me to go pray, text me to wish me a good morning wake up, he would take care of me basically. Not an hour went by without us sending each other texts. And it only took a minute's delay for him to call me and ask me what I was doing.

The first time we saw each other was on Tabaski (Eid) day and he was just dressed in a shirt, underwear and pants from his traditional dress. He introduced me to his family too. It was adorable frankly. During that time, I was dating someone but he was in Belgium and then the guy there, his name is W, made me suffer in return. He cheated on me many times, slept with a girl. I cried and then I forgave him.

My life with W was all about being hurt and putting up with it all. But M and I spoke every day, he spoke to me about his girlfriend, they had some worries but hey… And I spoke vaguely to him about mine, then the feelings came naturally, his girlfriend was going on a trip and did not tell him about it, until a week before her departure. He had trouble digesting that, but I was there, wholeheartedly with him. Then one day we realized that we had forged a certain deep bond and we went out quite naturally without any problem since we knew each other well enough and he was really attentive.

He liked my perfumes because I only used good ones… no Victoria! Anyway it was high class YSL, Marc Jacobs, Light Blue, Gucci… aaaah that! Hmm and my hugs too, I'm very sensitive, by the way. Likewise I loved his smell, his fingers and his doe eyes “hahahaha”... It felt good! One day we saw each other and I don't know what fly stung me and I asked him to answer me sincerely if he had another girlfriend because he was not the type to be alone at all. Frankly, such a lovely man doesn't run the streets. To my question he replied that he was not alone, that he was with a girl for 4 years but that she was outside. From that moment on, I didn't close my eyes anymore. I spent my time thinking about them because she was older than me. I was no longer concentrating in class (I was in 1st grade). I was almost empty and immediately asked him to make his choice, something he could not do on the spot and I understood...

Days passed and just after seeing him I hated him, I was vulnerable with him..., I did not hesitate to send him 6-page messages sometimes or 12 to tell him how I regretted having known him, that he had only to make his choice because I could no longer. And one day he said to me “I can't choose because sometimes you are with a person and there is something missing in your relationship and that something you complete it. You are adorable.” Then I calmed down on the spot, I regained my confidence but it never lasted very long!

The following week, one Monday, I cried so much at school that I had an asthma attack, I never did the 4-hour homework, I cried! I remember there was a Sunday I don't remember what he did to me and I texted him then I turned off my cell phone so it made me sick to know that he was thinking of another woman. Another Sunday I sent him a multi-page message where I told him that I was making a decision for him, he just had to stick with the other, and that I wished them the best. After that I stayed a long time without going to see him, but one day I saw him and what I felt was always in his place... We had flirtations etc…

Another day, too, I went to his house; by the way I forgot to tell you that when he told me he had another one, called P, I looked for her on Facebook. So I knew what she looked like… I looked in his photos and I saw her girlfriend there, I waited for him to finish praying and I ask him who this one is? With one of those serious airs… LOL, cheeky as he is, he said to me disinterestedly “It's Aminata.”

I was boiling inside, I confess that I was not hiding my anger, I shut up and I stopped. I took my bags and stood up telling him I'm leaving, in a rather curt tone. He held me back and asked me where I was going, I told him he was a liar and I knew it was P! He was immediately scared and started calling me by my first name, I didn't even answer him.

I was in so much pain that I couldn't stay in the same room with him. I went out and passed the people from his house in the yard without even saying goodbye. I hailed a taxi and he started calling me on the phone and begging me to pick up the phone. I didn't budge from my position on his 17th unanswered call, he sent me a text that said if I wanted to speak to him any more I had only to say it, and that he demeaned himself seriously, he even swore on his mother that he would not speak to me anymore. A few moments later he sent me yet another text and I ended up answering him by telling him that it was over, that he was a liar and that he could tell me the truth as it could be, instead of reacting like that…”

To be continued...
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