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How Malick did freeze Lydia with a kiss? Maze (5), by N47

30 November 2020, N47

She was interrupted by a long kiss that I placed on her soft lips.

I was surprised moreover it was in the street, I untied her from me and I saw that it was her.

Me: Are you okay, are you crazy or what? I almost broke your arm.

Given the situation I knew what she had come to do but sometimes even if you know the intention of someone, it is better to let them express it.

Me: What's going on is everything fine?
Lydia: Everything is fine. Actually this is where I was coming, I wanted to see you.
Me: At home? OK, let's go.

In fact, I didn't ask her why or anything since we had said everything just 4 hours ago. But I wanted to check if what she was saying was true that she was actually making it happen with me. We walked together quietly to my house. Once we got there we walked straight to my room.

Me: get comfortable and tell me
Lydia: I don't know where to start, I'm confused ... there are so many things that I want to tell you so much that I don't know where to start. But the summary of all this is that I love you too and yes I would want to be with you, I was just scared. So if...

She didn't even have time to finish her sentence; she was interrupted by a long kiss that I placed on her soft lips. This gesture was worth all the talk in the world and sums it all up. That this love and this desire to unite our lives were reciprocated, were the only things I needed to know everything else was only superficial. After that kiss, she froze, her mouth hanging open and staring at me and suddenly she lowered her head.

Me: What? What have I done?
Lydia: No, I'm surprised that's it.

Since she was a little embarrassed, I didn't apologize and quickly changed the subject. In matters of relationship I never force things I let time take its course. It is always important to listen to the other, when I talk about listening it is not about words but rather to have an understanding of situations. For example knowing when our speech annoys the woman, when she wants to kiss you, to leave etc. ... and to understand this you have to interpret the signs she is giving. They are often involuntary and she never realizes. Once a friend had a crush on a guy and I guess he sensed it, then invited her to his house, which she accepted. At one point he kissed her, she let him and as there was no opposition the guy rushed over to want to stick his hand in his little secret garden. And damn it, she jumped up with a slap in her hand and said to him: “You're sick! You think I'm a bitch or whatever, go get some treatment.” Since then she has drawn a line on him and calls him the “rapist.”

I just wanted to tell men that a dose of subtlety, mixed with a bit of originality and sincerity, while still being yourself is enough to seduce a woman. But as Mbaye Diéye Faye said “bou doxoul nga wook sa dox after nga yokhossou.” (If it doesn’t work, scratch your neck and move on.)

To make her forget this episode, I asked her what she meant before I kissed her.

Lydia: I meant after you left I realized that I had just done some big bullshit so if you still want me, I'm yours.

No, but I'm not telling you I smiled with all my 442 teeth, I even almost had my skull split open, so I was in heaven. “Love is nourished by patience as much as by desire,” (Amine Malouf). When you go to conquer a person's heart, make it a project and not a target. The project lasts, throughout its existence it will experience difficulties, adjustments, new objectives etc. whereas hitting the target provides fleeting joy and hitting it is not always essential.

You see how it is. A plan that I worked out for months with optimism, within an hour of time all seemed to be lost and within minutes all of that effort and expectation was rewarded. You wonder what he's playing up there. But I have faith at all times and under all circumstances. Years of suffering can be erased with 5 minutes of happiness. This is the effect of happiness and that is probably why it is never a given but an eternal quest and is always fleeting. Women are well aware of this phenomenon, 9 months of suffering, discomfort and a childbirth always painful and risky but in a minute all this is forgotten when the new mother takes her baby in her arms in a minute she becomes the happiest person in the world.

I looked at her, a look of pride, a look of love because of the realization she had just made. Suddenly there is no place for words in the room, I walk over to her and hug her. This is how a love story began. The weather is never good, so we're going to have to prepare for all kinds of disasters.

After he left, once back home I was happy, light and I was figure skating in my room, I was just missing the outfit I swear and the ice I was floating, I was slipping. I even stepped on my phone and snapped the screen but I didn't care I was just happy but to say it was the happiest day of my life would be ridiculously romantic because I hope to live in the future moments more delicious than this. We know a lot of love stories but there are some that we will always remember in great detail and every scene and this was one of them.

When she arrived she called me

Me: Hello, how are you?
Lydia: I am fine. I wanted to tell you that I arrived well.
Me: ok and how are you feeling after this emotional afternoon?
Lydia: I'm happy but what makes me feel even better is the feeling that I did what I needed to do.
Me: I see. Tell me, I hope I didn't rock you with the kiss from earlier?

I wanted to avoid the word “shocked” or “angry” so that she wouldn't think I was sorry and then there are some women who are deceitful. Knowing that you feel guilty about something, they use that guilt to manipulate you.

Lydia: to tell the truth no, on the contrary. I was a little bit shy! I even wanted you to do it again only I was taken aback. As a machine you have calculated your tempo and timing well, that is why I froze. But the best is the warmth of your lips.
Me: Oh my God? What are you saying? Are you shy? We'll talk about it again, but not over the phone.

I'm not funny but I behaved and talked this way so that she would get more familiar with me, have more confidence and put her at ease since she said she was feeding a certain embarrassment towards me. And there is no way it will last.

Lydia: I swear to you but, understand me; this is the beginning of dinner.
Me: I know we're together. Tell me when will we see you?
Lydia: Hannn hannn you dare ask me that, if at 9 p.m. on Saturday you are not at my house you are a dead man Malick.

It was Wednesday that day.

Me: LOL, I was just asking. You said 9:20 p.m. I will be there you don't need to threaten me that's nothing.
Lydia: LOL, are you afraid? I want a warrior, know that.
Me: Ohoo… you won't get me today. A true warrior never says “I am a warrior”. But seriously, we have to talk about ourselves and lay the foundations to have a solid and sincere relationship.
Lydia: Don't worry I know and we have plenty of time. We'll get it together tomorrow, I'm going to bed I'm sleepy.
Me: Ok sweet dreams then and see you tomorrow. Kisses
Lydia: Kisses! Hey aren't you forgetting anything?
Me: Me? What?
Lydia: Nothing. I don't love you anymore, get out!
Me: Oops sorry, understand me, we didn't have this habit! I love you my treasure.

I was very happy, I felt I had found my complement and I firmly believed in it. Saturday seemed too far away to me but once I got there the same day seemed like 10 days in a row and I think that day I broke the record for how many times people look at their watches per day so much I was eyeing it every minute. I very honestly found myself being anxious, who usually called me ice floes. My mother was there watching me get ready and said nothing, she understood everything. I tell you, mothers are dangerous, they understand everything and you will see why. I took my bath at 6 p.m., I harassed my sister who was making dinner in such a hurry. Sometimes I feel ridiculous when I think about it but without regret anyway because no one is more ridiculous than the one who has not tried for fear of breaking his face than the one who tried and failed. He has the merit of saying that I have been there and that is what makes us go beyond certain things and practices today because we will have grown up. In short, I eat quickly and I fit into my shoes.

Me: Hello honey
Lydia: yes my heart
Me: do you know how to capture?
Lydia: Yes! What should I capture?
Me: Me, I'm on my way!
Lydia: Lol! OK see you.
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