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“I have to find ways to give pleasure to each of them.” Chronicle of a “Multi-Bachelor” (1), by Amlesage

17 March 2021, Amlesage

My name is Sileye, I must admit that it is not very fun. So I decided to call myself Jules and now everyone calls me that. I am exactly 22 years old, I am 1m80 and I weigh 75 kg.

I am what you might call a handsome kid with a shapely body loved by everyone.

But that wasn’t always the case, younger I struggled because I was marginalized because of my overweight but I will come back to that later!

If I decided to share my life with you, it's because I'm a pretty special person with a pretty interesting love life. I am neither in a relationship nor single, but I am a “multi-bachelor,” that is to say a collector of one-night or short-lived adventures ... Basically, it still hasn't been that way. When I was younger, I was called "Beurigo" (Tank), in French and I really deserved the name. But what did I have to struggle with because of my weight especially at the girls' level; I didn't have the rib at all with my big belly hanging down. Neither of them wanted to talk with me, they made fun of me all the time. But there were some who hovered around me anyway, not for my physique but for my candies, my cookies, the ice cream I bought at breaks. And I didn't know how to say no to them! Whatever they wanted, I bought it or gave it to them.

I remember a girl who was different, she was waiting for me after school to come home together but she was ugly. Yes now that I mention it, she was a really ugly girl, the ugliest of all the girls I've ever seen before.

Besides, when I started to be a little known, I skipped her without hesitation! I know some of you will think this is cruel and I agree! And if she ever reads this, I'd like to tell her I'm really sorry!

Now back to our sheep! I have already told you that I do not know how to say no and especially not to girls and I love to seduce them. As the singer said: “faced with an adventure, nothing slows me down.” And if I haven't forgotten any, I think I have 4 girlfriends! Yes that's right. I love them all in my own way for a short time anyway. Over time, the numbers and the people change. For example, I have found myself with 6 girls at the same time. There were some that I even forgot; I couldn't find myself in the midst of all these good ladies.

And my longest relationship lasted a little over a month and that's because she was a really exceptional girl, I thought she was the right one but I got bored after a month and had to put up with it a few more days and then it was over. Normally, it's 15 to 20 days of happiness and a few days to find an exit strategy... Yes, you have to find a strategy to quit. The gentleman that I am can't afford to cruelly tell a girl it's over. It takes tact and intelligence and I have it because with all of my exes, I'm on good terms. Well, almost all of them.

My daily life is far from simple; I have to find all the time the means and the energy to give pleasure to each of them. I show myself to be tender and loving with all of them. I am a good lover, I know how to give pleasure and say sweet words.

Everyone says you never forget your first love and mine was FAATIIMAA. A story like no other or a simple everyday story? Me, who defines myself as a “multi-bachelor,” how did I experience my first, my first date, my first kiss?
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