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I knew I loved this girl... Maze (3), by N47

11 November 2020, N47

Let's be logical, when a woman tries to seduce a man with her physique recognize that the only feeling that the man will have is desire and therefore she becomes his sexual object whereas she expects to be loved.

My name is Malick, I am currently an executive in a local club and I lead a rather quiet life. We are in 2005 when I got my license in marketing and like any young person of my age, I was looking for myself. Success, recognition, a woman with whom to share my life were my targets.

It's August, so I decide to go visit Lydia. She was a girl who troubled me, whom I liked very much without knowing her, and whom I ran into every morning on my way to school. She was stunningly beautiful. 1.70 meters tall, beautiful brown eyes, with rather provocative shapes. When we met we talked a bit. This discussion was not composed by words nor spoken by words but rather by the gaze which lasted about 15 seconds. For me it was a real discussion because I could perceive her thoughts and she was perceiving mine. 70% of human language is non-verbal and I have learned one thing: eyes betray thought. Her gaze told me that she was interested in me too.

As I'm not the type to talk to a woman in the street, I was then doing a little investigation to find out where she lived. It also led me to know that she was preparing for her baccalaureate. I decided to wait until the exams were over and a few days later I found out that she had passed. One Sunday around 6 p.m., I showed up at her place. On the class I found her helping her mother get ready, the way she dressed I would say she was going to a wedding or a baptism. She received me in the living room.

Lydia: how are you?
Me: I'm fine, thank you and you?
Lydia: I am doing well, thank you. But it seems like I know you, your face tells me something. Did we see each other before?
Me: we crossed each other every morning on the way to school
Lydia: oh yeah, I remember now. So you don't live far away?
Me: A short walk from here.

After the salamalecs and the customary greetings, I introduced myself

Me: I learned that you had passed your baccalaureate, congratulations
Lydia: Hey! How do you know that? I do not even know you. Ah you are scaring me, I even don’t know you, but thank you anyway.

I smiled after his words, but I had to get straight to the point and since I was in a hurry like diarrhea I started.

Me: Do not be afraid, I am not here to cause you wrong. In fact I will be direct, I came to your place just to know you. You will have understood that I am interested in you otherwise I would not be there but we are adults I will not insult your intelligence by talking to you about feelings in any case not for the moment. My wish now is to get your friendship and get to know you with your permission of course.

She had her reactions that if you didn't pose you would lose control and be intimidated.

Lydia: Waaaaw! At least you're frank and super blunt. And then you are showing me that this is the first time that a man has come to see me directly at my house to tell me about his interest in me, in a responsible way I mean. Usually men try to get the girl's number or call out to her in the street. Anyway, I appreciate your attitude.

We began to discuss a bit of everything and nothing. At that time I was a bit spontaneous, I said things as I saw them, and flirting was not a real robot at all. I remember once saying to a girl "I want to go out with you", she then asked why, not finding anything to answer her because “I love you” at the time was a word for losers, I said to her “I feel you”.

She said “ah good? Once you are able to say “I love you”, come back and try again.
Me: HEEIN !!!! What a loser! LOL…

In short, it was in those days that the flirtatious speech was obligatory whoever had a very romantic one had every chance to bring down the girl.

But in this case I relied on the sincerity of my feelings. I wanted to be natural with her, not to play any role just to be me.

She talked to me a bit about herself and me too. After thirty minutes of very interesting discussion, I took my leave:

Me: it was a great pleasure to meet you.
Lydia: me too dear friend

I handed her my phone before I left, and she dialed her number and when I got out of her house I called the number she had dialed.

Lydia: hello
Me: here is mine, record t for good because you will often receive calls and texts from me. Good night
Lydia: Lol… No problem. Likewise.

I can't describe the feeling that went through me but I knew I loved this girl, telling her would be a shock to her and I won't have a chance for it. For me the best attitude was to give her the opportunity to get to know me, to have a place in her life and for me to be sure of my feelings too. So I started planning our next meeting.

The days passed we discussed from time to time by SMS, we got to know each other better little by little. The day before my birthday around midnight I texted her and the discussions that followed helped me a lot in winning his heart.

Me: Hello Beauty, I give you the opportunity to be the first person to wish me a happy birthday and that matters to me.
Lydia: No you are really weird. You don’t want anything ordinary. Happy birthday anyway and best wishes.
Me: And do you know what I want as a gift?
Lydia: No tell me
Me: I want to see you tomorrow
Lydia: Is that all you want? See me? Be there at 6 p.m. tomorrow.
Me: I have a much better idea, meet me at the beach at 5pm, I think a living room is not the right setting.
Lydia: Suitable for what? What are you preparing?
Me: Hohoho woman should not make palaver here. Please just do me that favour.
Lydia: LOL you're crazy. Ok see you tomorrow then
Me: See you tomorrow. Kiss…

Love makes us childish and ridiculous at times. This date seemed to be in 5 years to me so much I could not wait to see her again and to finally tell her my feelings and my intentions for her. I had a chance with her because we had discovered that our parents knew each other. As my old man had a good reputation and as every strict. Her father and I met at the mosque I played the pious and serious guy. I was welcome to their home and everyone liked me. In fact she was very protected by her parents and his five brothers because she was an only child and the guys in the neighbourhood feared her because of her decency, her seriousness and the fact that she didn't go out much. This is what made me have a certain advantage. Do not get me wrong dear sisters, men respect, fear even serious women. When it comes to adventure they leave them there but if it comes to looking for a wife, they are where they are headed. Let's be logical, when a woman tries to seduce a man with her physique recognize that the only feeling that the man will have is desire and therefore she becomes his sexual object whereas she expects to be loved. Once I was walking down the street next to an old man and in front of us was a girl. She was wearing jeans and the top was so cropped that part of her butt was out and formed a "Y". The decor was naturally beautiful, however it was disconcerting and unable to bear it any longer the old man said:

The old man: my daughter!

And the young lady turned around thinking the old man was going to hit on her.

The girl: Yeesss

He threw her in the face.

The old man: excuse me but your ass is outside, go get dressed.

She was so ashamed that she didn't say a word and continued on her way.

It was just a parenthesis to tell my sisters to respect themselves and stop wanting to be liked, because a woman has to be jealous of her body by dressing decently and moving with grace.

So the date came, I remember what she was wearing that day and her scent. Oh my God, that smell I think I will never forget. Under her jeans, she hinted at pretty curves she was simply gorgeous. She had Angelina Jolie's delicious lips and J LO's generous and pretty little train.

I admit that she had a nice physique which did not leave me indifferent at all. Often I hear that beauty is not important in a woman…. Rubbish! We are all, men and women sensitive to beauty and look.

We walked side by side on this beach we were talking about love. I asked him what his type of man was.

Lydia: Actually I don’t have a type of man, but I appreciate character, piety and respect in men.

I felt then that the moment was right and I took advantage of this breach to go for it.

Me: Open the way that leads to your heart, teach me how to make you fall in love with me as I am madly in love with you ... Give me your heart because it would be in my eyes the best gift and I guarantee that I would know how to take great care of it. Lydia I love you and I want to be with you.
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