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When Lydia can't get enough of Malick's lips, Maze (6), by N47

14 December 2020, N47

“Sometimes the words of wisdom meet deaf ears.”

I knock on their door and it was she who opened the door with a sweet little smile. She settled me into the living room while I wait for her to answer her mom. In the living room, I was chatting with his father and I think he thought highly of me. I'm very comfortable with grown-ups, with everyone else. Her mother on the other hand was distant to me but I still managed to “master” her and I knew that she had a great influence on her daughter and that nothing she did was unknown to her. A few minutes later she came back and sat down next to me so her father slipped away and left us alone.

Lydia: You are so political. Do you want to make the old man your ally?
Me: Well, he's already in my pocket. He's my friend now. By the way, he and I are even going to the club.
Lydia: Oh my god, I am going to tell to my mom.

Quickly I put my hand over her mouth.

Me: Are you crazy?
Lydia: Say pardon!
Me: OK, sorry, sorry.
Lydia: You ugly! Respect my dad; he is one of the voters.
Me: I already have his voice, it lefts the mom. So tell me, what is the purpose of missing each other?
Lydia: Seeing each other of course!
Me: And what should happen when we see each other?
Lydia: Well, something just beautiful and unforgettable.
Me: Hmm, I would love that. But first we have to talk. You see, human relationships are very complicated and delicate. I think we should have a code of conduct. I wanted you to know that I'm not going to make any promises to you. If our couple gets to a point where we need to get married, we will. Also, I manage everything except infidelity and if you really want to go and see elsewhere no need to create false problems or tear each other apart, just tell me that you don't want to continue anymore and I will respect your choice because I don't have time for that. You should also know that I will forgive everything except infidelity and lies. In the same way you expect to win, it is also wise to expect that you lose, they go together, and I swear to you I won't stay a minute longer with you knowing that you are wrong. But if you need a shoulder to support you or an ear to listen to you, I will always be there.

Lydia: I take note and know that I too cannot stand cheating at all and the rest will come with time but it is important to know your partner and as I have read these details I will be careful. You are right about marriage, let’s not force anything, it will prevail when the time comes. And know that I am happy because your words comfort me more, I will do my best to never disappoint you.

After that we began to tell each other about our respective lives and the moment came to take our leave.

Me: So darling, it's time for me to go home it's getting late.
Lydia: Oh No! Stay a little longer, what time is it?
Me: 10:19 PM
Lydia: What?! It’s not late yet; stay until 11pm.
Me: Well, I have to know the unsaid and it is not responsible for me to stay too late. I'll tell you an anecdote. One day, when I was young, my aunt (my mother's little sister) had a boyfriend who visited her every Saturday. Certainly their discussion was too good; they stayed until after 11:00 pm. So the old man called my aunt and asked her to tell her boyfriend to go home as it was getting late and he had to close the front door. I don't know what the guy was doing but he took about fifteen minutes without leaving. And you know what the old man did? (I'm still laughing I swear.) He just locked the door and told my aunt to tell his boyfriend to go up to the terrace and jump if he wants to go home. I swear he finally jumped from the terrace and since that day, he leaves the house no later than 10:30 p.m. There was a TV show at that time (Lee Van Cleef, The Man with the Katana) commonly known as “Pa Ninja.” Since the guy jumped from the terrace, we called him “Pa Ninja.” And you see I don't want this to happen to me so please walk me home.

Lydia almost choked on laughter.

Lydia: No… real old man, did he do that?
Me: That's nothing to him, he is so weird. We used to call him “Hitler” when we were younger.

We walked down the stairs hand in hand, and all of a sudden I pulled her by the waist and kissed her, she gave it back to me very well this time. Those lips were just perfectly shaped and soft enough to destroy any virility. One could only be moved by such a sensation. All my senses were on alert, smelling, touching her and I let this sensation carry me into his privacy. It was tough but I had to get out of there before anyone caught us. So I let go of my kisses and wished him good night. What surprised me the most was that she didn't want me to pull away from her, to remove my lips from hers. She bit me right after it.

Me: Ouch! Are you a witch? You are not going to eat me! (LOL)
Lydia: Once I am done with you, you will have no bones left (LOL).

I could see a longing in his eyes sweep over him.

Lydia: Lend me your lips, I will play with them, then I will return them to you as they were, promised.
Me: LOL, are you OK?! Are you doing drugs or what?
Lydia: What drug? It’s your fault. You kissed me with your delicious lips, than you want to go home.
Me: LOL. Look, let's take our time, no need to rush. I'm as excited as you are, but for now I absolutely have to go.
Lydia: Ok, have a good night then. I love you very much.
Me: Me too treasure, kiss.

On the way back I was watching the film of our meeting. I realize I just saw a rather free face of her that I hadn't suspected but instead of bothering or warning me, I liked it.

At home, when I started to undress I heard my mother's footsteps as she walked towards my room. I recognized everyone's footsteps in my house, I pay attention to all the details, I had fun identifying people without seeing them through their scent. As many of us are, we are different in behavior, character and smell. Every human has a smell of their own. My mother knocked on my bedroom door as I wrote “knock before you come in if you don't want to get hit.”

Me: Come in!
Mom: Do I know her?
Me: Who do you know?
Mom: The one you went to see of course!

Pause: My mom is an educator; she's my best friend and knows me better than anyone. If I know a lot of things it's because of her. She is there alone I mean the only one in the world that I cannot leave. A lot of times we had differences and the next day I would come back and ask her for money or something. You know what she said to me “you have no personality, I thought we were in conflict.” And I reply, “I don’t care. I will always remain cowardly and without dignity. Give me the money son I can go I say.”

Yes you will have understood no matter who we become, a mother is a mother when you were nothing, when you had nothing it is she who loved you, who built you like this; not everyone wants that today. I used to say if I got where I am today, it is not thanks of my talents, but thanks to my mother. If it wasn't her, I wouldn't be. When I was doing bullshit and God knows I did so much to her, she would say to me “get a hold of yourself my son, you have no right to make mistakes you are the first child that I saw, the first that I have had. Stand up for your brothers and sisters because you know that you are their role model.” In short, she is my friend and I thank God for opening my eyes to her worth.

Me: Well you don't know her but you know her parents, they’re couple X.
Mom: Ah I see! Do you love her and what are your intentions?
Me: Yes mom, I love her very much. Regarding my intentions, I don't want to waste my time. I have goals, if I have a wife who loves me well all I have to do is find a job and I'll fit in.

At that time I was doing an internship and as you know in Senegal the interns die, we suck their blood and do not have much at the end of the month but I was optimistic earlier.

She smiles, a smile like that if you only knew...

Mom: That's fine my son, but don't you think it's early enough to talk about marriage. Give time to do its time. As a woman here is the advice I will give you: always respect the woman, do not hit her, avoid yelling at her, respect her and give her all the love you can, do not destroy her but be very careful also. She is manipulative and calculating. She can be very sweet but turns into a lioness when she is angry. Certainly her anger does not last, but at such times she is capable of committing horrible things and the minute after she regrets. With her the instinct is more developed than with men. When she wants something rare are the times she doesn't become vigilant and she becomes touchy when it comes to women. As a mother I will advise you to love because it is natural, but with reason and reserve because heartaches are sometimes difficult to overcome. Make sure before you take the plunge that the other person shares our feeling. Based on my experience, it is still too early to talk about marriage.
Me: No, in fact…
Mom: Let me finish first if you want. Don't be in a hurry, you're young, take your time. Make sure you make the right choice because I, alive, will not allow my son to have a wife and run after girls, it's demeaning for a man who calls himself respectable. This is what I wanted to tell you.
Me: Ok mom I heard and will follow your advice to the letter.

In reality, youth is a disease. When we are young we believe that we are always right that it is others who do not understand anything, we believe that we have mastered everything that happens, and we have the impression of being so strong that nothing can reach us. Well I was, and it was without counting on the good Lord's determination to do everything the old people said just to punish us. My only problem is not knowing how to do things halfway “to love with reserve,” to be honest I never could, I never did. One thing to me is I'm in it or not at all.

“Poor of them hearts that cannot bend,” in other words, hearts that cannot cheat.
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