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Bowel problems, practical solutions?

17 December 2021, Serigne Samba Ndiaye
Bowel problems, practical solutions?

Nearly two out of five Senegalese are bothered by digestive disorders or even intestinal transit disorders and even one in two women. These troubles, however benign, should in no case be neglected in the car, which could hide a more serious illness. However, a few simple rules of healthy living can help improve your transit.

Against constipation, avoid meals at the table: False: Lunches on the run and dinners sent at full speed are not favorable to intestinal transit. It is important to take your time, to sit down and to transform meals into special moments.

To improve intestinal transit, drink plenty of water: Indeed, the quantity counts, it is important to drink a liter and a half a day. But it is advisable to always favor water and limit sugary drinks, and alcohol of course. Note that infusions can be beneficial, some plants having digestive qualities.

Avoid stress: Stress is a factor that contributes to digestive disorders. That is why it is recommended that people leading a stressful life engage in an activity such as relaxation or yoga to lower blood pressure and help intestinal transit.

Dietary fibers increase: By retaining water, they increase the volume of stool and thus accelerate transit.

Physical activity is recommended because it strengthens the stomach: Lack of physical activity causes the abdominal muscles to relax, which contributes to slowing down transit. A minimum of daily walking is recommended.

Beware of saturated fats: Saturated fats (cooked dishes, sauces, fried foods, pastries, etc.) slow down the assimilation of food and therefore transit.

Increase the portion of raw fruits and vegetables: It is beneficial to increase the portion of fruits and vegetables as these foods contain a lot of water, this is conducive to transit. But you should know that when they are raw, their digestion leads to intestinal fermentation, which can accentuate the bloating. It is therefore necessary to measure well and to favor the cooked versions in case of bloating.

Cereals? choose whole foods: Systematically favor whole foods, such as whole meal bread, brown rice.

Control your milk intake: Dairy products consumed in large amounts over short periods of time are among the main foods responsible for bloating and gas.
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