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These signs confirm that your marriage is in trouble!

15 December 2021, Seytoo
These signs confirm that your marriage is in trouble!

Some signs of a marriage in danger...

- When one member of the family praises the other, but with a bit of bitterness.

- A couple who use a situation in public to denigrate each other.

- A husband who makes his wife the subject of his jokes.

- Couples who say they have no problems and never have a quarrel.

- A husband who gives his wife unflattering names.

- When the husband begins to find excuses to explain his distance from the house or simply remains away without excuse.

- When the husband pays very little attention to his wife; when he does not show her simple courtesy or tenderness.

- When a husband rarely collaborates in the maintenance of a home.

- When there are constantly quarrels and criticisms in a couple.

- When the husband and wife both work, and they do as they please, each on his own.

- Couples who cannot settle their differences without getting angry or fighting.

- When the couple decides to take a separate bedroom and when a couple has little physical contact.

- When in-laws can set policies or make decisions about a man and his family.

- When the husband throws on his wife the responsibility of making the decisions or even leaves this responsibility to her because she wants it.

- When children have bad behavior or bad manners.

- When you feel that the teenagers show resentment or rebellion towards their parents.

- When a couple moves into a neighborhood that is beyond their financial means or seems to place more importance on social status or material things than on the spiritual needs of love, humility and the practice of worship.

- When the spouses spend all their time in every activity that arises and never take the time to be together.
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David Kamanda

Why is it that wife hardly obey their husband

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