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What are the five topics you should avoid discussing in a relationship?

19 December 2021, CD
What are the five topics you should avoid discussing in a relationship?

What are the five taboo subjects of a relationship?

They say that honesty and frankness are essential in a couple, to discover each other, to build a relationship based on trust. We want to believe it but we also know that there are certain subjects that it is better to avoid with his dear and tender half. A survey of 104 men and women engaged in serious relationships reveals the five taboo subjects of these couples.

Past relationships. No surprise on that side. The subject of exes is always delicate. 38% of participants say they never talk about their past experiences, and sexual details in particular.

Controversial subjects, such as politics or religion, for 16% of couples. Weird, when you know that two people who are together usually end up sharing the same opinions.

The standards of the relationship. 13% of respondents say they do not discuss their feelings about expressions of affection in public, for example.

Activities outside the couple. That is to say all the outings that we do without our partner. 13% prefer to hide them.

The state of the relationship. 11% dare not ask the question: “And where will all this take us?”

When asked why they avoided the topic that tops the list - old relationships - participants replied that they preferred to leave the past to the past, that they wanted to avoid comparisons and that they were afraid to cause jealousy or ruin their current relationship.

Even if it is sometimes embarrassing, experts advise couples to break these taboos and not hesitate to tackle sensitive subjects, because it brings serious bonuses to your relationship: intimacy, complicity, trust and a more fulfilling sex life.
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