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Health and food

Here is everything you need to cook less fat and eat healthy!

27 December 2021, Seytoo
Here is everything you need to cook less fat and eat healthy!

Our body needs lipids, which should represent 30% of our daily calories. Lipids provide our body with energy and help build our cells. However, too much fat intake is very harmful for our body, since in the long term, our cholesterol level increases and our arteries become blocked. So how do you find the right balance and cook less fat?

Prefer vegetable fats!

When consuming fats, know that it is necessary to favor vegetable fats over animal fats, such as cream, butter, lard ...

Check the composition of certain foods: ready-made meals, cookies, etc. and prefer those containing vegetable fats: olive, rapeseed, walnut, corn, sunflower oil, etc.

Get olive oil to cook your food ...

When you cook and you need to oil for your vegetables or your proteins, use vegetable fats: vegetable oil or margarine. Avoid excess butter, lard or crème fraiche.

Or no oil at all

Several types of cooking allow you to avoid adding fat to your meals. Among them:

- the oven,
- the wok,
- the steamer,
- the microwave,
- the grill,

Remember that some foods contain a sufficient fatty acid content: certain fish (salmon for example), certain red meats such as lamb, chocolate, etc.

Season lightly!

Learn how to properly season your dishes, simply by making your own vinaigrette, mayonnaise, and meat and fish sauces.

Dressing: Ban in particular the ready-made dressing, and instead make your own with a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a teaspoon of water ... You will see, yours will be better and cheaper than those in the supermarket!

Mayonnaise: Mix a whole egg with a tablespoon of mustard and about 20 centiliters of oil. Beat everything vigorously until your mayonnaise goes up and creamy (a blender can be useful!). Once done, add salt, pepper, and a spoonful of balsamic vinegar. Taste your mayonnaise and add more oil if necessary. You will see, your mayo will be light and tasty!

Fish sauce: Mix cottage cheese (much less fatty than fresh cream) with lemon juice, tasting regularly to dose according to your tastes. Then add spices, herbs, salt and pepper, which will enhance all the flavors of your fish.

Béarnaise sauce for red meat: Mix an egg yolk with cottage cheese, a tablespoon of mustard and a tablespoon of vinegar. Then add cottage cheese, herbs (chives, tarragon, etc.), and finely chopped shallot to your mixture. Salt and pepper, and voila!

Healthy aperitif

If you particularly like to put yourself in the mouth before each meal, however, avoid snacks and peanuts. Instead, opt for a few raw vegetables seasoned with a vinaigrette or light mayonnaise, or cubes of fresh cheese (much lower in calories than pasta cheeses).

And balanced dessert

Also avoid consuming desserts which contain too much fatty acids: cakes, pastries, chocolates… Dairy products and fruits are much better for your health, and tasty if you prepare them well!

You can also enjoy sorbets: made from water (and not cream like other ice creams), they are very low in calories!
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