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No need for a gym! How to stay healthy and in a good shape at home?

21 December 2021, Seytoo
No need for a gym! How to stay healthy and in a good shape at home?

Exercising in the gyms represents a significant cost. To avoid emptying the piggy bank, why not practice sport while staying at home? Zoom in on the easy-to-perform fitness exercises that help you stay in shape!

Although you are at home, before starting your fitness exercises you should have the necessary equipment. Equip yourself with a stick, a pair of weights, a gym mat and a pair of robber bands (elastic bands). Rowing machines or treadmills are complementary but not essential.

The warm-up

Warming up is an essential step before starting any physical exercise to avoid muscle tears. Please note that the warm-up should not exceed ten minutes. The goal is not to get tired before exercise, but just to warm up your body.

What is ideal is to exercise 2 to 3 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes. The goal is not to be in a performance race but to go at your own pace, according to your abilities. Fitness allows you to maintain your shape by toning your body but does not allow you to lose weight. To gain in efficiency, you must accompany these exercises with good food hygiene.

Flat stomach goal

You can also train all abdominal groups. Lie on your back. Put one knee on your stomach. Extend the other leg, put your hands behind your neck, and then touch the opposite knee with one elbow. Continue and alternate with the left elbow and right elbow. Repeat this exercise every other day, doing three sets of 15 to 20 movements depending on your possibilities. Keep in mind that the important thing is not the quantity but the regularity.

Firmer buttocks

Kneel down, elbows on the ground, one leg in the air in line with your body. Bring the knee under the chest then straighten the leg again. Continue 2 to 4 sets of flexions-extensions 2 to 3 times a week. For faster results, you can put a weight on your foot.

More motivation for two

Doing sport for two is always more motivating. You can always invite a friend to join you. You can also be accompanied by a coach or a loved one who follows you regularly and gives you advice. Watching a DVD is also another option since there is someone in front of you who is encouraging and guiding you.


Remember to stretch after each workout. Stretching helps you build more toned muscles. With your legs straight, touch the floor with your palms or your fingertips, depending on your flexibility. This exercise stretches the lower back and the back of the thighs.
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