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About Seytoo

SEYTOO.COM was created to improve your life through critical thinking and diverse perspectives about life in Africa and around the world. Seytoo offers advice and analysis, articles and videos, which focus on life, success and Africa. The platform Seytoo also shares important news and gives opportunities to its readers to share their chronicles.

Seytoo was built in 2020, fully and proudly created by Africans, and is 100% African owned and managed. The idea came from the personal experience of its founder and creator who loves to learn and to think about different perspectives of life, and a strong positive outlook of our Africa.

By joining Seytoo, you are joining proud Africans who love to learn and play who love Africa, defend Africa and celebrate Africa wherever they are around the world. By joining Seytoo, you are opening your mind to different perspectives beyond academics. The reality is that most of what we learn in life is learnt outside of school. Seytoo will help you learn more about life through experience sharing, tips, analysis, etc.

So, join Seytoo, and improve your life. Seytoo, Learn, Play.