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Can you keep a secret?

20 December 2021, Seytoo
Can you keep a secret?

“To achieve your goals be careful not to open yourself up to anyone, because all favors are the object of lust and jealousy."

As an old saying goes: “Those who keep secrets are less numerous than those who keep the money entrusted to them, because saving money is easier than saving secrets, as money is inaccessible due to the doors and the locks that surround it while the secrets are not immune from being divulged by a loose tongue or uncontrolled speech.”

Among the amazing things is that money is more likely to be preserved if there are more vaults to keep it, whereas the more the custodians of secrets there are the more likely they are to be disclosed.

Secrets are of two types:

The first type includes secrets that one man reveals to another that are likely to be kept. Either, in this case, he recommends outright to keep his secret, or he acts as if he waited to be alone to open about it to him, or that he speaks to him while concealing what he says to those which are next to it. Don't we say that when someone confides in you, you have to keep what they say, because you are responsible for it.

As for the second type of secret, it is about what the individual says to himself that he is ashamed to divulge or what he wants to do in the future.

In both cases, it is recommended to keep the secret. In the first case, it is about fidelity while in the second it denotes maturity, firmness, precaution and concealment.

Keeping a secret is one of the ways of salvation:

God said: “Your secret is your prisoner, if you disclose it, it is you who become his prisoner.”

Indiscretions were at the origin of the bloodshed of the indiscreet and prevented him from achieving his goals: “Anyone who surrounds his secret with a fortress will have two advantages: achieving his goal and staying away from the consequences of its disclosure.” If only he had kept his secret, his security would have been safeguarded and he would not have therefore not suffered the consequences of its disclosure. Isn't it that, according to some

Indeed, the preservation of secrets is the key to the success of the objectives and the success of any human enterprise. “To achieve your goals be careful not to open yourself up to anyone, because all favors are the object of lust and jealousy".

Abundantly in the same vein, a poet quite rightly said:

- I am ready to give the best of what I have
- Except my secret that I jealously keep to myself
- When mine divulge my secret
- I keep theirs faithfully and intimately.
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