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How to turn the page and forget wounds of the past?

18 December 2021, Mounas Dieng
How to turn the page and forget wounds of the past?

An individual can withdraw into himself because of the torments of the past (love disappointment or loss of a loved one or other emotional shocks) which torture him deeply.

To prevent this, there are effective solutions. To alleviate the pain, we can talk about our worries to loved ones or professionals. Trying to forget those bad times while finding the strength to rebuild a new life is also advisable.

Stop hurting yourself through memories

After the death of a person who was very important in our life or after violent trauma, we must try to forget in order to be able to move forward in order to avoid great suffering. For that, we must have a lot of will to find the taste for life.

How can we erase our sorrows?

Mourning leaves traces just like the person who has left. You go through different stages before you can overcome someone's disappearance. We first refuse to believe in this news, and then gradually, after letting off steam, we try to adapt. Over time, we learn to move forward, gradually we start to hang out with relatives and friends and take an interest in everything around us. However, one should not constantly dive into photo albums or remember the slightest gestures and habits of the deceased. However, emotions should not be confined to the bottom of your heart. On the contrary, if you feel the urge to cry or scream, do so because this will help you heal faster. You can also overcome your grief and anger by speaking with friends, specialists or with support groups. Resuming your activities is also a good way to ease your grief.

Get rid of the wounds of the past at all costs.

The sorrows of the past that prevent us from living in peace can disappear very quickly if we follow a few recommendations. It is essential to:

- eat and have fun to have energy,
- to meet new people,
- take time for yourself,
- go shopping,
- have fun,
- to travel,
- move if necessary,
- follow therapy.

How to avoid depression?

Certain events from our past leave traces that cause suffering. To avoid sinking into depression and melancholy, you have to concentrate on no longer evoking your painful memories.

Believe in a better future.

In the case of a divorce, you should not idealize your ex because he is also at fault for the failure. You have to be reassured because you will be able to love another person again. Those who have suffered betrayal should not hold a grudge against people who have wronged them. Forgiveness is important in order to forget all the evil that we have gone through and to live with peace of mind. As for the people who have lost their jobs, they should not despair. Instead, they have to look for another job or take a vacation to rest, knowing that the best is yet to come.

Coping with trauma.

Some people have had to deal with very deep trauma (physical or moral attacks, victims of natural disasters). In order to stop suffering, you must not:

- think of death as a solution to annihilate its torments,
- to feel guilty,
- continuously self-criticize,
- to belittle oneself,
- to complain.

People should never forget the good times of the past for comfort and should set goals and goals for them to rebuild a new life.

Turn the page to relearn to love and to live.

In order to learn how to live again, there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with family and friends so that you are not left alone. Do yoga, relaxation, and other sports that can help you exercise, and remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle, sleep well, and eat well.
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