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Ramadan: What to do when you eat or drink involuntarily while fasting?

21 December 2021, Seytoo
Ramadan: What to do when you eat or drink involuntarily while fasting?

What is the status with regard to Islam for someone who has eaten or drunk involuntarily? Moreover, is it incumbent on the person who saw it to remind him that he should not eat?

For those who eat or drink by simple forgetfulness, their fast remains valid. However, if he were to remember his state of Siyâm, he should immediately stop eating. Even if the latter has sent a piece of food or a sip of water into his mouth, he still has to spit it out. The proof that his day is still valid is found in the hadîth, reported by Abu Hurairah and according to which the Prophet said: “Whoever has forgotten that he is fasting, begins to drink or to eat, he must continue his Fast because the Lord actually fed and watered him. On the other hand, one will not be counted a fault with the one who would have committed it by forgetting as it clearly states it the following verse: (Lord! Do not blame us for our forgetfulness or our errors), and with the Lord to answer: “I agree!”

For anyone who saw him eating, he must immediately remind him because he is required to proscribe evil and remedy it since the Prophet formally declared: Whoever among you sees evil must remedy it by action. If he can't do it, then let him do it with the tongue, and if he can't do it then let him do it with the heart. It goes without saying that eating or drinking during Ramadan is an evil, which can certainly be forgiven if you forget it. To know that this error is not counted, does not mean anything for the one who sees it not to remedy it.
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