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Shut up! They rape in Senegal!

18 December 2021, Rabia Diallo
Shut up! They rape in Senegal!

“We were in our bedroom upstairs, my cousin and I playing. It was a Friday, before the big prayer. Our parents were at the office, the housewife was in the kitchen on the ground floor. My father's site manager, a well-respected imam in a residential area of Dakar, called us from the next room. He will have just finished his ablutions. We came to find him, and there he was in front of us, in a towel tied around his waist. He stepped forward and locked the door. We didn't quite understand what he was doing. He then told us that he loved us and wanted to make love with us.

We still don't understand. Make love? Like in the movies? He then approached me, dropped his towel, and kissed me on the mouth. I was paralyzed, I was shaking all over my body, I was scared. My cousin ran for the door but he let go of me brutally to catch up with her and then I fell. He threatened him by telling him that if we tried anything, he was going to kill us with the knife that sat on his bedside table. I was still on the ground, in tears. He got me early like a sheet, asked me on the bed, he was still naked. I will never forget this image. My cousin was crying in silence. He then said my dress, took off my little girl's panties, I remember, red with white and blue butterflies. I was wearing a floral, pink dress. He raped me. I was in pain, very pain, very, very pain. I had closed my eyes. I was in the grip of terror, horror, disgust and, at the same time, I did not understand. I could hear my cousin crying in the distance. She, too, suffered the same fate, on the cold, tiled floor. When he finishes, he says "Even if you tell what happened, no one will believe you, you are nothing at all kids". He ordered us to go shower. We developed, paralyzed by pain and fear.

We were soiled with what we called “Sombi *.” Our parents found out what happened a week later. They preferred to be silent, in the name of the “soutoureu,” of the legendary “maslaa,” this generalized hypocrisy which has cost the future to so many young girls and young boys. "

Imagine for a second that your child is telling this story. Imagine, for a single second, the flesh of your flesh, the blood of your blood, the soul of your soul, the being of your being, this being who is worth more than your own life, this being without whom you will no longer be. you, who brightens your day, sharpens your life, this being that you took forever to wait, that you gave birth in pain and patience, this ball rooted in the place of your heart to which you would give yours so that you he could live if necessary, imagine this same being to suffer this fate, to know the assaults, is often repeated of a sick criminal who does not know the difference between a mature woman and a young child of five years. Imagine for a moment your child below this despicable being who does not even deserve to live, when his body is not even mature yet, suitable for this kind of relationship. He must be a monster to feel nothing.

So, how to explain the fact that despite this excruciating tremor that our heart feels when we learn of such horror, despite the revolt, despite the pain, we keep quiet, we act as if nothing had happened, and we sacrifice life of this poor innocent who asks nothing because we are afraid, because we are ashamed, because we want to support a son of evil. In other cases, the child is silent, and lives with his heavy secret until the day when he explodes inside him, and he suffers the pangs of depression or even perversion. What is happening in our society is unspeakable, we play saints every day, good believers as we endorse this fact without flinching. How many times have “men of God” been indexed, guilty of pedophilia? How many times have "oustaz" been indexed for raping poor “Talibés” who became homosexuals once they were adults? How many times? Old people of over 70, white beards, hanging rosaries, guilty before God and men. How many times have tatas, housewives been indexed for also having abused little boys who did not understand what was going on?

We owe it to ourselves to be more careful, more wary, more careful. Even being paranoid, if that can save lives. Two girls, 4 and 7, were diagnosed with an STD transmitted by a young homeless man in their home. These culprits should be outright castrated, without any form of mercy. At least we're sure they won't do it again. Our society is infested with perverts, and as long as all of us do not take the necessary decisions, beyond social considerations which too often take precedence over our filial love, over our duty before the Eternal, to protect our offspring, to defend it, no matter what, our daughters and our sons will continue to be raped, branded with pain, shame and disgust for life, and that we will not prevail over. paradise.

*Rice and Milk.
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