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Why do women really hate each other?

21 December 2021, NFK
Why do women really hate each other?

It is very easy to hate a woman at first sight, as long as she is pretty and likes to be the center of all eyes.

We all notice it, from an early age: female rivalry is present from all points of view and throughout our lives. It starts with the first emotions, where we are all desperate to achieve our goals. Desperate to anything often results in brawls, hair-pulling, and free pushes.

This rivalry is omnipresent in professional life. Numerous testimonies confirm the icy and electric atmosphere caused by the presence of several women at different hierarchical levels in the same box. A woman who is fortunate enough to be only with men, or who represent at least 80% of her colleagues, dreads the day when a new woman comes into the service.

It's not that she doesn't want to have a professional relationship with a woman, but every time, disappointments, betrayals, and dirty tricks are the result.

Same thing in the private sector: when a woman learns that her boyfriend has cheated on her, she very often resents the “bitch” who dared to touch her man before turning her rage against him.

It is very easy to hate a woman at first sight, as long as she is pretty and likes to be the center of all eyes.

So why this open war, when we should support each other in the face of male “superiority”?

We prefer to kill each other in order to be the only one to have reached the “social” level of men. All this is only psychological, because we know very well that today; women have a level quite close to theirs without being equal. To believe that this latent hatred has always been written in our female genes.

I can't find any reason for all of that though, and you?
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This may be true for various reasons. However, women are becoming more and more aware and are more supporting each other in various areas including business and work. Things are changing fast.

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