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Build your network, get the job? Here is how!

05 January 2022, D. Stone
Build your network, get the job? Here is how!

Don't limit yourself to applying to jobs that you know or that pop up on the Internet, those positions might just not be the right one for you. Expand your search by tapping into your existing network and start networking. But how?

Here is what you need to do:

- Attend industry events and conferences related to your industry and take advantage of the opportunity to meet people in both professional settings and at after-parties.

- For your personal connections, make sure to send a thank you note and a follow up email to current connections after every job you apply for. That way you are on the radar of your network as a valued resource and not just another resume floating around.

- If you have any blog posts or online resources that relate to the industry that you are trying to get in contact with, consider sharing them by linking them on your LinkedIn profile. This will help connect those people with your business, whether it's relevant or not.

No matter how you are networking, make sure to be proactive. This could include things like:

- Contacting companies by email, letter or even in person if you have the time and opportunity to visit their office.

- If the company is holding an event that has a speaker coming in from a related field, contact the company and offer your help as an assistant or even their host for the event. This will give you a chance to talk with people at the company in depth while helping them out at the same time.

- Think about contacting people from your network who work for the companies you want to apply to. This will help they find out more information on the companies you are interested in and contact information if they have not already done so.

- If you are not sure what company to contact, send an email directly to any person of significance in the company by saying something like:

"Hi Adama, my name is ______ and I'm working with a company that would like to do business with XYZ Company. Can you please forward me in the right direction?"

After your networking events, keep up with the connections you have made by following-up with them and developing a long term relationship. Try to meet at least once a quarter so that you aren't forgotten when it comes time to find jobs or opportunities.

The main thing is that you are proactive and not too easy to forget, otherwise people will just keep sending out resumes into the world and they will never get called back. This is where the old saying "The best thing about networks is that they are invisible" becomes true because your network will pick up on it as a trend and start looking for you too.

Thus, building your network starts with reaching out to those people in your personal lives but also extends to other individuals or organizations in your community. With this strategy in mind, you should be able to find more job interviews and new opportunities as a result.
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