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Why should you avoid touching women’s purses?

28 December 2021, Maxi
Why should you avoid touching women’s purses?

Women's purses, a bomb full of germs! (Study)

The purse is women’s secret garden and denies all access, even to their better half. This purse is often filled with various objects: key, lipstick, bank card, tube etc. A whole world that we are not allowed entering. Only this purse they hold so dear would be a “bacterial” bomb hanging from the shoulders of these very pretty women. According to a recent study, women's purses contain more bacteria than public toilet seats." The revelation is from MaxiSciences which reveals a study unveiled and conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene.

Indeed, “these studies reveal that a woman's purse contains a large number of bacteria. These microorganisms are even so numerous to proliferate that there would be more of them than on the toilet bowls of public toilets, reports the study. Even more worrying: “one in five bags would contain enough bacteria to constitute a risk for human health.”

In more detail, “the researchers studied which of the objects in a bag were the most contaminated with bacteria. And perhaps paradoxically, it is the hand cream that some people take with them which is in first place, followed by cosmetics, lipstick and mascara in the lead, ”says the source.

Leather bags “would also be more at risk than others because they present an ideal growth environment for bacteria and they are more rarely washed. Purses come in contact with our hands and a variety of surfaces, so the risk of transferring different germs inside them is very high, especially for lightly washed bags.”

“And once these germs are on our bags, they can easily be transferred via our hands to other surfaces. Regular hand cleaning is essential to prevent the presence of bacteria in the first place and thorough cleaning of the bags is recommended to prevent contamination.”

“The solutions to this problem would therefore be quite simple. Just remember to clean your bag regularly, both inside and out, not to mention the objects inside, using wipes. It is also advisable to avoid putting it on the ground.”
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